Best DNA Test for Asian Ancestry

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No matter where you live in the world, it may surprise you to find out that you may have some Asian ancestry in your blood. It may seem shocking—after all, it’s far away, and your family has likely been in your hometown for ages—but with such a wide area and population, it’s actually quite likelier than you could even imagine. Think about it, Asia is home to 48 separate countries, and it covers nearly a third of the world’s land area. However, despite only being a portion of the globe, it does account for 60% of the world’s population (with roughly 4.463 billion people). Most importantly, the history of Asia is one of migration, with several countries contributing to global migration while spreading Asian culture and ancestry across the world. If you’re curious to learn more about your Asian roots, and whether you have Asian ancestry, read on below to learn about the best DNA testing kits to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Top Asian DNA Testing Kits

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The Top Companies with DNA Tests for Asian Ancestry

best dna testing kits for asian

Regardless of why you want to learn about your Asian heritage, finding the right test is an important step in getting the answers you’re seeking. Below are some of the top brands on the market, and an explanation why they may be a great choice for you when it comes to DNA testing for Asian ancestry:

MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage uses autosomal DNA testing to dive into your ancestral origins with impressive accuracy. The company’s tests compare your genetic samples with markers for over 42 ethnicities, including several Asia-specific origins. Additionally, MyHeritage also lets you integrate your existing raw data from other genealogical tests without having to take another DNA sample.


  • Asian regions covered include Central Asia, Vietnam, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Inuit, Mongolia, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, South Asia, and West Asia.
  • Learn about your genetic makeup with an easy-to-read report breaking down your DNA origins
  • Build or expand your family tree with a built-in genealogy tool and expansive collection of historic records
  • Get your results quickly.


  • There are no mtDNA or Y-DNA tests available, so you can’t scan your maternal and paternal lineage
  • The company’s database is not among the largest in the industry

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AncestryDNA claims one of the largest DNA pools, with over 10 million people in their database. The company’s tests cover the world also but include several Asia-specific regions that can help you get a granular look at your family’s origins on the continent. Additionally, you can integrate your results into the company’s outstanding genealogy tool to expand out your family tree.


  • Regions covered include West Asia, the Middle East, Syria-Lebanon, East and Central Asia, the Philippines and Guam, South Asia, Polynesia, Melanesia, Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga
  • Compare your results with one of the largest DNA pools on the market to find distant relatives and ancestors.
  • Build a comprehensive family tree with Ancestry’s outstanding genealogy tool.
  • Take advantage of Ancestry’s extensive online resources and genealogy information


  • To continue using the company’s tools, you must subscribe.
  • The company doesn’t offer mtDNA or Y-DNA testing

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GPS Origins Ancestry Test (Asian Edition)

As one of the companies that offers a region-specific version of their test, GPS Origins ranks high on the list. The company’s tests scan over 41 Asian gene pools, as well as hundreds of region-specific reference populations to provide you with a granular view of your Asian heritage.


  • Over 10,000 unique signatures from over 1,000 populations and 41 distinct gene pools analyzed.
  • Trace your family’s journey visually with ancestry migration maps with your results
  • Asian-specific tests give you more in-depth and precise answers
  • You can trace your migration history back thousands of years


  • The test focuses exclusively on migration information.
  • GPS Origins is on the pricier side

The Limitations of Asian Ancestry DNA Testing

Although DNA testing can reveal a lot about your family’s origins and your genetic ancestry, there are a few caveats you should keep in mind before signing up. For one, it’s worth noting that while your tests can show you a glimpse into your genetic history and your ancestry, they are also not definitive proof of your identity. Additionally, there are a few other factors that make DNA testing for Asian ancestry slightly more complex than for Western ancestries. For one, DNA testing and genetics are relatively young fields. This means that while the breakthroughs already available are impressive, they’re also not so widespread in many Asian regions. As a result, testing for European ancestry, for instance, may yield more in-depth results than testing for Asian lineages. Finally, while Asia is a massive part of the earth, it’s also incredibly diverse. Even within countries, there are hundreds of smaller and specific subgroups that may have unique genetic markers. As such, your origins may not actually appear on a test result because they simply haven’t been mapped before.


Discovering your family’s Asian heritage is a great way to connect with your past, learn about your family history, and even discover family you never knew you had. With the number of companies offering testing services growing by the day, companies like AncestryDNA, MyHeritage DNA, and GPS Origins give you a great glimpse into your ancestry. These services also stand out for their comprehensive coverage of Asian regions, as well as their large existing databases and additional tools. Although DNA testing still has some limitations when it comes to Asian ancestry, the region is quickly being mapped, and as more people take the test, it will become easier to match. Learn more about the best DNA testing services with our expert reviews, and see what others are saying in hundreds of authentic user reviews.