Best DNA Test for Asian Ancestry: Get Your Genetic Report

Best DNA Test for Asian Ancestry

One time or another- a question clicks in our mind as from where we took our existence. It quite natural question. We all are eager to find out our ancestry. The knowledge about the ancestry will make you aware of the ethnicity and genealogy. Nowadays technology has become so much advanced that you can explore the information about your ancestors through DNA test. Here in this post, I will make you familiar with the techniques that will guide you about your ancestry. Here I will deal with DNA test for Asian Ancestry. If your ancestors belong to the Asian region, then you can make out from the DNA test Kit product list.

Let’s move on to know about the Asians from the DNA test Kit.

Best DNA Test For Asian Ancestry

1) AncestryDNA: DNA Ancestry Test Kit

DNA Ancestry Test KitAncestryDNA is the best seller lineage test kit in Home Health Tests on Amazon which contains easy-to-follow instructions along with saliva collection tube. You can easily activate the kit. Online you can access your results within 6-8 weeks. Activate this genetic testing kit to know about your ancestors by sending the saliva sample to the state- of- the art lab.

  • You can come to know over 6 million people by making use of this device as it is considered one of the world’s most extensive consumer DNA network.
  • If you are eager to know about your origin and the places from where you have come from then this kit will answer all your queries.
  • Across 165 regions all-inclusive it can disclose the ethnic mix which is five times more as compared to next top competitor.
  • It covers above 1 billion family connections that make it a leading DNA test.

If you are looking for the device that can discover the global network of AncestryDNA members, then this kit will make your task smooth. Now you can recognize the people who share common DNA with you. It’s an easy way to discover lots of unknown facts. Know your relatives and ethnicity by taking this test.


2) 23andMe DNA Test Ancestry kit

23andMe DNA Test

If you want to trace your ancestry, then you have to examine your DNA which can be possible by making use of 23andMe DNA test ancestry Kit. You can discover DNA relatives along with matrilineal and patrilineal lineages.

  • Everywhere from the world you can discover and join with the new folks by making use of this tool.
  • Within two months you will get the results by giving a saliva sample for testing.
  • You can add health reports by upgrading for which you have to pay an extra cost. For the lab, you don’t require the additional fee.
  • From 31 populations worldwide you will get a thorough analysis of your origin.

Actively The database of 23andMe grows so you can find your new relatives. This test will make you aware of the Neanderthal ancestry. Now you can enjoy the family history in the better way. This kit will make you available the ancestry composition of Asians, European, Middle Eastern. It gives vision to your Neanderthal inheritance.


3) MyHeritage DNA Test Kit

MyHeritage DNA Test KitMyHeritage DNA Test kit can examine the ethnicities of different areas which include Irish, Italian, North African, Japanese, East Asia and many more. In the industry, you will find that MyHeritage possesses the main pool of supported origins.

  • From both paternal and maternal side, you can explore relatives which will guide you in knowing your ancestry.
  • Only 2 minutes are required to complete the test as it comes along with cheek swab.
  • It covers 42 regions and 7 East Asian regions so you can enjoy an all-inclusive list of origins.
  • This test matches the maximum technological standards with reasonable price. You have the facility to test results.
  • You can get complete DNA matches with the help of this vast global database.

If you are searching for the easy process to know the ancestry, then this test will meet your demands. It is one of the best DNA tests for Asian ancestry. Within few weeks of the test, you can access your results. You will get a detailed ethnicity report on this great product.


4) DNA Spectrum – Test for Ancestry Information

DNA SpectrumDNA Spectrum is the whole home kit which will guide you in starting your ancestry journey. This kit provides you the deluxe certificate of evolution along with folkloric indicator outcomes. This certificate will reveal your primary, secondary and minority group connections.

  • From your home, you can easily get the information about your ethnicities in simple and faster ways. Within ten days you will get the results of this test.
  • You can enjoy lots of facilities in one common package which includes geographic and ethnic groupings, the electronic certificate of ethnicity and online results.
  • Your myDNA account will provide you in-depth ancestry results online which will assist you in getting the general idea of your matches.
    It will provide you knowledge and understanding of the various folks and places due to DNA spectrum.
  • The customer will be satisfied with the results of the assessment of the test is reliable.

You can know about your heritage from this Asian ethnicity test which is advanced and reliable. This high-quality analysis will provide you satisfactory results. You can enjoy free lifetime myDNA subscription from this test. Every step of this test whether the collection of the sample, the study of the lab and reporting of the results are well organized. Along with Asian, people associated with American Indian, Jewish, Eastern and Western European, Sub-Saharan African and much more will come to know about their foundation.


5) DNA Fingerprint Plus by DNA consultants

DNA Fingerprint PlusYou will get the wide-ranging picture of your ancestral lines by DNA Fingerprint Plus test. On your whole-genome DNA, the standard locations will be inspected by this test. DNA Fingerprint Plus will provide you extreme specifics about your parentage.

  • You will come to know the detailed country-level connected with your inherited lineage.
  • According to prevalence and recent history, you will come to know about your family’s ancestral countries who enjoy their origin in Europe.
  • The assessment and its outcomes are kept in a record by this distinctive certificate.

It covers the top 50 world populations, leading ten countries of Europe and blends of best ten mega-communities. The customer service will answer all your queries. You will get the updates about the advancements and follow-up testing. You can discover the facts about European, Asian and African.


6) Native American DNA Test

Native American DNA TestNative American is the DNA fingerprint test which will tell you about your ancestors. This test can identify the European, Middle Eastern, African and Asian lineage. Both female and male can take this test.

  • This test can study native American and settlers. You can come to know about 26 various Native American tribes.
  • You will get information about the ethnic group staying in North and South America.
  • According to the state-of-the-art test center, this test is personal and unique.
  • All your queries will be answered in the open-ended customer service.

If you are probing about native and non-native immigrants, then go for this test as it will provide you satisfactory results on the same. The researchers will make you available the genetic report with details about the ancestry.


7) Jewish DNA Fingerprint Plus Test

Jewish DNA Fingerprint Plus TestIf you are willing to know about Jewish heritage, then take the test of Jewish DNA Fingerprint Plus that will provide you precise information. This test will not only cover the information about the Jewish but also of different ethnic groups belonging to Native American, African or Asian ancestry.

  • It is non-sex-linked so both female and male can take this test.
  • You will get complete results from this DNA ancestry report.
  • After entire proceedings of the test, you will get a mail which will summarize about your inherent legacy.
  • You will find the certificate with a Star of David in this Jewish genetic testing.

This test is grounded on the atDNA 7.0 database where you will get the open-ended customer service. You will find this test enlightening that will provide you the framework where you will come to know about your intimates.


 AncestryDNA23andMeMyHeritage DNA
Sample Collection Type
Cheek Swab
6-8 Weeks 
6-8 Weeks
4 Weeks
Stores ResultsIndefinitelyIndefinitely25 years
Database Size5 mil
1 mil

Final Verdict

The products mentioned above list will assist you in selecting the best DNA test kit for Asians. Now you can know about your ancestors from these reliable test. Select any of the criteria of your preference and choice that will make you aware of your historical background. Whatsoever is your ethnic group! These Asian ethnicity tests will provide you accurate information about your origins.

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