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    DNA Testing Kits Compared: Full Genomes Vs Futura Genetics

    Saliva sample tube Dna Test

    At some point in your life, did you ever want to know more about your background and health? DNA testing kits today are providing insightful and incredibly useful information about your innermost private details- from in-depth DNA analysis to crucial health information. 

    Full Genomes Vs Futura Genetics

    Two leading players in the DNA testing kit market are Full Genomes and Futura Genetics. Both companies have solid reputations and are good options to work with when seeking a DNA analysis. Here’s a little more information about each:

    Full Genomes 

    • Full Genomes is a good fit for individuals looking for a more detailed report of their specific genetic sequencing. The company provides this by offering packages that include advanced and in-depth options for DNA testing, analysis, and genome sequencing

    Futura Genetics

    • The unique advantage of a DNA testing kit from this company is that it provides information on any predispositions to common diseases. This allows you to take proactive steps toward protecting your health

    DNA Testing Kit Prices 

    The DNA testing kit landscape is a crowded market with many different options and tests to choose from. It’s crucial to consider your budget alongside your reasons for testing. DNA tests that are specialized or are more specific than a general test, will tend to be more pricey.

    • Full Genomes offers a variety of testing kit options, ranging from the cheapest analysis of Y BAM for $50 to the most expensive being a comprehensive whole-genome test for $2,900 
    • Futura Genetics has a more simplistic offering with a single test priced at $375

    If you want a basic DNA test, then Futura Genetics might be the right option for you. If you have more specific needs like an ancestry test for men, a whole-genome and basic ancestry test, or a whole-genome 20x test, you’ll want to browse the extensive packages offered by Full Genomes.

    Collection Process and Results

    At-home DNA testing has never been easier, and it doesn’t even require blood work or a trip to the doctor’s office. Once you choose your DNA testing kit, you can order it online and have it delivered to your door. Be sure to review the instructions carefully and understand the process before you begin. The processes for Full Genomes and Futura Genetics are as follows:

    Full Genomes 

    • The testing kit comes with two saliva collection tubes. Remember, when preparing to collect your saliva, avoid eating, drinking, or smoking anything 30 minutes beforehand so you don’t risk contamination 
    • Several weeks after your sample is mailed back to the company, you should receive your results. You’ll need to open an account to access your DNA information online

    Futura Genetics

    • Follow the instructions for collecting your saliva sample in the provided sterile tubes. This can be easily completed by spitting into the provided containers
    • Once your DNA sample is ready, you’ll log onto the company website and request a collection. A notification is then sent to the company that’ll come to collect your sample 

    Privacy Protection 

    For many considering taking a DNA test, privacy is a major concern. After all, this is some of your most sensitive information that you’re sharing with a company. It’s natural and correct to ask what the company intends to do with your information and understand how it might affect your privacy. 

    Here’s how Full Genomes and Futura Genetics handle the personal data of their customers:

    Full Genomes 

    • The company de-identifies your genetic sample and labels it with a unique barcode before sending it to the lab for analysis. Unless you specifically request otherwise, DNA samples are destroyed after the laboratory finishes the analysis

    Futura Genetics

    • Your DNA information isn’t shared with any external parties without your consent, and the company is compliant with EU regulations regarding the DNA samples 

    Once you choose a testing kit, give the company’s full privacy policy a review to ensure you make a decision you feel comfortable with.


    Each DNA testing company comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Full Genomes and Futura Genetics both serve different purposes. So, your choice will ultimately depend on the reasons for testing. 

    Full Genomes 

    • Benefit from a highly extensive library of Y-Chromosome SNPs
    • Offers one of the most comprehensive DNA testing kits available
    • Provides exceptional health and ancestor insights

    Futura Genetics

    • Ensures individual data and samples are protected
    • Enjoy free courier delivery and pick-up
    • Can test if you’re predisposed to a total of 28 diseases and conditions


    Not all DNA tests are created equal, so it’s important to also look at the downsides of each testing kit. With some kits, you may need to wait longer to receive results, while others might provide limited information. 

    Here’s how Full Genomes and Futura Genetics stack up:

    Full Genomes 

    • Results are complicated to understand
    • Customers are responsible for paying for shipping both ways

    Futura Genetics

    • The cost is above the average DNA testing kit cost 
    • The test kit is only available in the US, Canada, and Europe

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    When deciding between Full Genomes and Futura Genetics for an at-home DNA kit, carefully consider your reasons for testing.

    If you’ve narrowed down your needs to highly specific questions, then a more comprehensive package from Full Genomes is likely the right fit.

    If you’re just starting your DNA journey, then the basic DNA analysis from Futura Genetics is a wonderful place to start.