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    DNA Testing Kits Compared: HomeDNA Vs AncestryDNA

    If you have decided to take a DNA test, you are likely looking forward to gaining important insights into your family heritage, ethnicity, and even health.

    It can be difficult to choose the right test for your needs, so we’re comparing two popular DNA home testing kits: HomeDNA and AncestryDNA. 

    Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each to determine the best option for you. 

    HomeDNA Vs AncestryDNA

    Both of these DNA testing services offer meaningful insights into your heritage, ethnicity, and background.

    The starter packages available for DNA testing are affordable and overall pretty basic.

    However, both companies offer add-ons or more complex packages that can cover a variety of other factors including the following:

    • HomeDNA offers a GPS origins ancestry test, an advanced test that checks more than 80,000 DNA locations, African and Asian editions of the test, and tests that can focus on your matrilineal or patrilineal lines
    • AncestryDNA add-ons include a full report on origins and ethnicities, DNA matches, historical and geographical insights, health and wellness reports, and access to your public family tree

    DNA Testing Kit Prices 

    One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a DNA test is the price.

    Thankfully, many modern DNA tests are very affordable, can even be ordered online, and are delivered straight to your door.

    That said, it is important to consider your budget and find a DNA testing kit that is aligned with your needs.

    Here is the breakdown of cost between HomeDNA and AncestryDNA:

    • The standard price for a basic HomeDNA testing kit is $69, but the company offers more extensive testing at a higher prices
    • The starting price for a basic AncestryDNA testing kit is $59, but you can add other options like a subscription along with advanced testing

    It is best to carefully consider your reasons for taking a DNA test in order to pick the better fit. 

    Collection Process And Results

    How do you submit a DNA sample? Luckily with HomeDNA and AncestryDNA, you can do so easily and without any blood work or a trip to a clinic.

    Here are the details:

    • HomeDNA: Submit your DNA sample using two cheek swab. This is an easier way to test, especially for the elderly or infants for whom collecting saliva samples can be more challenging
    • AncestryDNA: Give a sample of your DNA through your saliva. Simply spit in the provided containers and mail your sample back to the company 

    You might want to consider the person who is taking the DNA test to determine which method is easier. In general, the collection process should be very straightforward to handle, but kids and infants might present a bigger challenge. 

    Privacy Protection

    In case you have not heard, privacy and DNA testing can raise issues.

    Many companies keep your DNA information stored within their databases in order to more accurately match you and others.

    For some, the storage of highly personal genetic information can feel uncomfortable while others may not mind being a part of a larger database.

    Here’s how HomeDNA and AncestryDNA use your data:

    • HomeDNA: A statement on their website highlights, “We may transfer Personal Data to our third-party agents or business partners as described in the DNA Diagnostics Center Privacy Policy”.
    • AncestryDNA: This provider requires you to agree that the company can use and store your personal data. An additional request exists for “research consent” which you can opt-out of.

    Be sure to read the policies carefully and only agree to data policies you are comfortable with. 


    HomeDNA and AncestryDNA each have their own advantages which include:


    • Get information about DNA migration routes and learn about the journeys of the maternal and paternal lines of your family 
    • A feature called GPS Origins provides a breakdown of your estimated ancestry and reports the percentages of your ancestry that they associate with each gene pool
    • Additionally, packages like Healthy Weight, Skin Care, Paternity and even animal options are available 


    • Gain a comprehensive report on origins and ethnicity, including a percentage breakdown of your DNA’s regionality
    • DNA matches - enjoy the opportunity to find living relatives based on your DNA
    • Historical and geographical insights allow you to follow your family history geographically


    Of course, it is important to also weigh the disadvantages of each brand. 


    • HomeDNA’s ancestry-related tests are generally considered to be lower quality relative to the industry leaders 
    • The basic package does not provide much information, and you will likely need to pay extra for more detailed and accurate results 


    • While you will receive DNA matches, you do not get specific chromosomal information regarding those matches 
    • Your results are stored essentially forever given this helps their database grow and give more accurate results, which may pose a privacy issue for some prospective consumers

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    Before picking between HomeDNA or AncestryDNA for your DNA testing, carefully consider what you hope to learn from your results.

    Thanks to attractive add-on options provided by each company, you should be able to build a testing kit that will give you access and accurate results into the information you desire.