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    My Heritage vs. Ancestry DNA: Who’s the Best?

    DNA testing can answer a lot of the questions you have about where you came from, and how it shapes who you are today.

    Who answers the questions you have about which DNA test is the best for you?

    We’re here to clear up some differences and distinctions between two popular DNA testing companies: My Heritage and AncestryDNA.

    If you’re on the fence between the two, read on to find out a little more about their methods, backgrounds, and services.

    My Heritage23andMe
    Pricing (Base Package)$79$99
    Processing Time3-4 weeks6-8 weeks
    Sampling MethodCheek swabSaliva Test
    Database Size~ 2.4 Million users~ 10 Million users
    Genetic Health Tests OfferedYesYes

    Tests Available

    Many consumers choose a DNA test out of curiosity or the desire to connect with distant relatives.

    In recent years, however, there has been a surge of tests offered designed to give you an in-depth look at your genetics. How do they affect your life and health now, and how could they down the road?

    Both AncestryDNA and My Heritage can offer you a better look at what your genes mean for your health.

    Of course, if you’re only interested in knowing which region of Europe your family hails from, both companies have you covered there.

    The beauty of both companies is that you can order a kit designed to encompass whatever questions you want answering. How do they compare to each other? Have a look.

    My Heritage Tests

    The basic DNA test offered by My Heritage will compare your results with that of over two million other users in the database.

    It’s not the largest database among DNA testing companies, but it’s certainly a formidable number. 

    The autosomal DNA testing carried out by My Heritage analyzes the ethnicity from maternal and paternal lineage, giving you detailed and comprehensive results about your origins.

    Once you have your results, you can explore family connections in the family tree.

    My Heritage connects you with matches in your family tree, where you can communicate with relatives across the globe.

    Worried your long-lost cousins will remain lost because they went for another DNA testing company? Fear not - My Heritage allows DNA data to be uploaded to their site from all other major testing companies.

    It’s a solid 7/10 for us on the DNA kits.

    Health Kits

    If you’re less concerned with ancestry and more interested in genetic testing, My Heritage has a comprehensive health testing kit on offer.

    For $199, you’ll receive a testing kit that includes eighteen genetic risk markers for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Type II diabetes, and Crohn’s.

    However, this number could rise as My Heritage is continuously working on adding more testing parameters to their genetic health tests.

    You’ll also receive an ethnicity report as a part of this test, as well as access to the family tree database.

    The test involves a simple cheek swab and a health questionnaire, with results arriving within four weeks.

    For us, My Heritage has earned 9/10 for their health tests.

    AncestryDNA Tests

    At $99, it AncestryDNA’s basic kit is a bit steeper than the My Heritage DNA kit.

    So what do you get for that extra twenty bucks? The biggest difference is the size of the databases. AncestryDNA will run your results against a pool of over fifteen million users.

    If your main goal is to match with as many relatives across the globe as possible, this is a clear choice.

    The sheer number increases the odds you’ll connect with more people in your family tree.

    Your ethnicity will also be evaluated, giving you a picture of exactly where your family originated.

    AncestryDNA covers one-thousand unique regions - don’t expect vague estimations of where you come from. Ancestry DNA can often pinpoint precise areas of the country your lineage has significant ties to.

    Is there a downside, besides a slightly higher price tag?

    The results take slightly longer to be ready - expect to wait at least six weeks.

    The collection method is slightly different as well; it involves spitting into a vial.

    If you’re patient and not squeamish about your own saliva, there aren’t many cons.

    AncestryDNA earns a 9/10 for its thorough DNA testing kits

    Health Tests

    The health tests available through AncestryDNA are on par with their basic DNA kits.

    You’ll pay less for an Ancestry DNA kit than My Heritage - $149 is the going rate for their current genetic health screening kit.

    It isn’t as detailed as the My Heritage kit, but it can provide some useful insights into your genetic health.

    Not only can you screen your risk for two types of cancer and heart disease, but you can also access genetic counseling services if your test yields any concerning results. 

    We rate the AncestryDNA health kits at 6/10.

    It’s less pricey than many competitors, but we’d love to see them offer more detailed testing.

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    This is always a concern when handing over your DNA to complete strangers.

    DNA companies need robust security protocols and policies for everyone to feel safe and secure with sharing their DNA. How do the two companies measure up on this topic?

    My Heritage

    An essential feature of DNA tests is the ability to remove your results from all family trees and search tools.

    My Heritage makes it easy to do this if you want to wipe yourself from the database.

    They are, however, a little vague on how they protect your data from attacks or how your data will be used by third-party research. 

    For this reason, we rate their privacy at 5/10.


    The secure database where your DNA results are stored makes us a little more confident in AncestryDNA.

    There is also a clear option to delete your results permanently from that database. For third-party research using your DNA, you must opt-in, so there are no surprises about how your DNA gets used.

    AncestryDNA’s privacy and security earn them a 9/10.

    The Verdict

    Quality of testing, database size, price, and privacy are all factors to consider when choosing a DNA testing company.

    Based on these points, we rate My Heritage at an overall 7/10 and AncestryDNA at 8/10.

    Each company has something good to offer - it all depends on what services you’re using DNA testing for.

    In the case of genetic health screenings, My Heritage is the clear winner. For connecting with relatives and tracing your family’s history, AncestryDNA is the way to go.

    Identifying your DNA testing goals will make the choice all the more simple.