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Ancestry DNA Lab

When it comes to DNA testing, mostly all the people become confused and directionless. Everyone has a lot of question about the same. From all such matters, one question is ubiquitous: How long does the ancestry DNA lab processing take and how much does it cost!

To find out the cost of the DNA testing kits is an easy task but to get the answer of the processing time is quite tricky. The reason is that there is no such straight answer like this many days or weeks it will take; but if you read attentively, you can get the approximate time and will know a lot about the in this article.

How long does ancestry DNA lab processing take?

The entire procedure of DNA testing takes only four hours at present. Some teams and organizations are also trying to reduce the cycle time down to two hours. Once that is done, police could even double check their DNA evidence before releasing a suspect.

For, the advertised waiting time is 6 to 8 weeks. Before it took only one or two weeks in the year of 2013, 2014, and so! But now the site takes more time. So, if you want to do this test, you have to wait around 1.5 months between giving samples for the testing and getting back the result!

How much does ancestry cost?

The DNA testing is helpful to find your DNA matches, which is quite a big and sometimes vital thing to do! So, apparently, you have to spend some bucks to get the accurate results. Fortunately, is comparatively inexpensive.

Currently, the ancestry test costing around $80, excluding the shipping cost and taxes. Generally, you have to pay $99 for the kit plus $10 for shipping and handling charges. That’s affordable.

The charges also depend on where you live! If you want instant results, then they may ask for some extra amount. That depends on their busy schedules. They also provide exclusive discounts and some free coupons with the kits. But that’s rare and not so often. (We wish all the luck for that.)


How to use ancestry?

If you find it difficult to use the website, you can get some tips here, to make that task easy for you.

Step 1: Search for in Google and open the website.

Step 2: At the upper corner of the home page, you will find the ‘Family Trees’ button on the menu bar. Click it to open the Family Trees page.

Step 3: So now you have been moved to a page where you need to enter your name with the surname, select your gender, and click on ‘Start Your Tree.’

Step 4: Add the names of family members in the family tree to the different links allocated to the spouse, mother, father, etc.

Step 5: Click ‘Save.’ After the primary information, add some other links to include the data about relatives and save again.

The ancestry DNA testing is really worth it. You can find some Top DNA testing kits for appropriate results. Yes, it costs around $100, but you should definitely try it out once in your life! It is absolutely amazing. Save few bucks from your next salary and try it now! It may leave you speechless – but, positively! All the best.


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