How to Determine Paternity without a DNA Test – Top Six Ways

How to Determine Paternity without a DNA Test

Do you want to determine the paternity without a DNA test? Here I will let you know the top ways which will guide you in establishing paternity. No doubt for surety and accuracy you have to depend on Paternity DNA testing, but in the modern world, you don’t always have to run after technology for knowing about your fatherhood. You can easily become familiar with the ways to determine paternity without DNA testing through research and observations.There are efficient tools which will make your task easy and simple.

Let’s elaborate the ways which deal with governing the paternity.

How to Tell Paternity Without a Test

1) Time of conception

The time of conception is depended on the menstrual cycle of the female. By keeping track of the record, the biological father can be known. A lot of online information is available to see the procedure regarding how female menstrual cycle guide in understanding the identity of the fatherhood. You can also consult the specialist or a doctor who can guide you in the better way.

Time of conception

2) Examine the eye and hair color 

The colors of the eyes and hair helps in assessing the paternity to the some extent. It can be possible if they are noticeable or make use of an IDENTIGENE calculator. In eye-color paternity test, the fatherhood can be anticipated with the help of inherited –trait theory and the color of the eyes. The trial deals with the concepts about genes and by what means they are innate from biological parents. This analysis will provide you the idea of parenthood, a color of the child’s eye which in turn will help you in defining the paternity if possible.

Examine the eye and hair color

3) Test of the blood type

By taking on the blood –type paternity test you will come to know about the paternity if possible. You can diagnose the blood types of the mother, child and suspected father so that the paternity can be decided in case if it is feasible. You can access the paternity-related questions by making use of inherited-trait theory and ABO blood-typing which is possible due to IDENTIGENE blood type paternity test.

Test of the blood type

4) In-built Deeds 

The child shows the specific inherited course of action which is based on the genetic facts taken from the parents. You can observe specific behavioral traits of the child which he or she has adopted from the paternal or maternal side.

In-built Deeds

5) Spiritual and emotive link

The natural connection is developed between child and parent on mental and emotional grounds. It is the voice of the inner being that bends the parents towards the child. The people associated with spiritualism can make out this natural process of connection with the child.

Spiritual and emotive link

6) Physical appearance

To some level, you can make out the paternity by the natural look. But sometimes the child resembles the maternal side and not to the paternal side. So it is not the genuine way to know about the paternity.

Physical appearance

Closing thought

From the points mentioned above, you will come to know how to tell if a baby is yours without DNA. All these points will assist you in determining paternity. You can become familiar with the information related to blood type, eye color and much more.

But if you want to know the reliable answer about the alleged or biological father then you have to undergo the DNA test which is the certified way and can be present in the law of justice.

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