My Heritage Vs Ancestry DNA test – Which One is Best Genealogy Service

My Heritage Vs Ancestry DNA test

DNA – the last solution of the majority the problem nowadays. Right? DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid, and its testing is trending today. It plays a vital role in research purpose. It is helpful to understand medicine, agriculture, genealogy, forensic science, etc. and lots more. DNA testing is even useful to find out the viruses and cancer from the human’s body.

As we have mentioned that testing of DNA is trending, there are many great tools & features available online for the family tree builders. With the help of these top rated services, you can find out where your great great great grandfather was born! Isn’t it exciting? The DNA testing is also necessary for legal perspective.

In this article, we are providing you the comparisons and reviews of two of the best DNA tests –

My Heritage Vs Ancestry

My Heritage Reviews

This tool gives incredibly detailed information. It also allows you to add some small pieces of information. You can add on some tidbits like hobbies, favorite sports, color choices, etc. It can uncover your ethnic origins quickly and with lots of accuracies. You may also find many new relatives with this simple DNA test.

Before using My Heritage DNA testing kit, you have all rights to know each small detail about it; read on…

  • My Heritage is a tool, which provides the genealogical matching database.
  • By doing the DNA matches, it can help you to identify relatives and ancestors.
  • It is an autosomal DNA test for genetic genealogy. There is a whole DNA testing kit of it is available in the market.
  • It has the highest technological standards which help in revealing the geographic regions you originate from!

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Steps to follow for My Heritage DNA Test

Life-changing discoveries need just these simple steps to follow.

Step 1: Order your DNA kit online from the official website i.e.

Step 2: Take the sample with easy-to-follow instructions mentioned and send back the sample of your DNA. The lab of My Heritage will analyze your sample.

Step 3: View your results in a month! You might be shocked after getting the results, knowing that your ancestors come from which global population!

P.S. Depending on the need and rush, the you may get the results before the time limit too.

My Heritage Cost

You will be amazed by knowing the price of My Heritage DNA testing kit. Basically, it’s price is $99. But you can get it in only $79 if you order it from its website.

Ancestry reviews

As per our study, Ancestry DNA is known as the world’s largest consumer DNA database. It solely aims at historical events. It can cover the dates, places, and migration paths, etc. It covers total 26 ethnic regions and includes all the areas i.e. America, Europe, Africa, and Pacific Islands. In the database of, there are more than 4 million people. That proves its authenticity.

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Once the test has been taken, will search the global network of Ancestry DNA and find your family members and identify the people who share your DNA. You may get many surprises. It starts intriguing facts, questions, and clues. You can also get more similar stories, details, and insights about such people to add in your family research projects.

Steps to follow for Ancestry DNA Test

Steps are same as you do with the My Heritage DNA test. The only difference is of the time for the results. You will get your results of Ancestry DNA test after 6-8 weeks. takes care of privacy. Moreover, you can always download raw data and can ask to delete your DNA data and your saliva sample. You can get this DNA kit from the official website i.e. in $99 or from the Amazon. also have the price of $99 for the kit, but the shipping might be free.

Ancestry VS My Heritage: Quick compare Table

Specifications Ancestry My Heritage
Price per month* $19.99 US plan

$34.99 World

Price per year* $198 US plan

$298 World

$82.50 Premium

$131.34 Premium Plus

Family Trees (Till Today) 70-Million 38-Million
Key Point 14-Days Free Trial Supports 40 plus languages

Apart from these;

  • Both are very helpful to complete and identifying your family tree.
  • They are user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Both the tools offer an option to add multimedia, such as photos and videos.
  • These two services are equally good for record and database search.

Cons of My Heritage & Ancestry DNA test

  1. For the Ancestry Test free trial, you need to enter your credit card details that you may not like.
  2. For the My Heritage Test, you need to subscribe for at least 1-year to upgrade for the plus or premium plans.
  3. Customer support from both companies is not up to the mark.

So, above article includes all the detailed My Heritage Reviews, The Ancestry Reviews, and the comparison of My Heritage Vs Ancestry. With the evolution of the internet, to know about genealogy is becoming a hot attraction towards youngsters. You should also try this activity once in your lifetime, if not for any purpose then just for fun!

Finally, you can also give the answer to the question of your annoying friend “Where the hell did you come from?” You will be able to provide full description then! Just kidding. But try… you will be surely amazed after getting surprising results. As per our research and customers’ reviews, both are equally reputed. You can choose one of them as per your budget. All the best!


  1. Just received my DNA results and quite frankly I’m disappointed. Results confirmed my concerns in that they would be too general. I’m apparently 94% South Asia which in effect covers well over 50+ countries. I was hoping for a better ancestry definition but it looks like the database is either not mature enough or they don’t have sufficient sample size from Asian regions.

    If you are from a region other then North America, or Western Europe don’t waste your time, money or saliva.

  2. I have taken the saliva in the tube DNA test. I found two large errors right away. First, there is no mention of my sister Beverly Jean (maiden name) Twait DOB 12/12/29 in Hammond, Indiana. Second My uncle…My father’s brother Russell H. Twait DOB 4/6/08 I believe born in Hammond, Indiana. died 6/21/62. I am being informed about 2nd & 3rd cousins, and you missed my sister & Uncle. How can I believe the rest of the report? I have tried several times to report this problem and receive an email back that I have contacted the wrong department. Is there no one there that can transfer this complaint to the proper department ??

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