Full Genomes DNA Testing Kit Review

Full Genomes is one of the most comprehensive DNA analysis available today. With whole-genome sequencing and other detailed analysis methods, this test offers almost 1000x the data of commercial tests.

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    The results are much more accurate and versatile. DNA is a code that governs who we are as humans. Having a report that covers this genetic makeup in its entirety is fascinating.

    Choosing FullGenomes over other popular DNA testing sites is a choice for those who wish to have a more detailed report of their specific genetic sequencing. The company offers a variety of product choices, including Whole Genome Sequencing, Y-Chromosome Sequethis package is the most advanced and in-depth option not only at Full Genomes but in today’s DNA testing market for Analysis, and Exome Sequencing.

    While the Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) will not come with a user-friendly analysis, we recommend this service because the information provided is worth the expense and the slight learning curve.

    Full Genomes DNA Packages Start From

    Analysis of Y BAM
    Whole Genome: Basic Ancestry
    Y Elite Ancestry Test for Men
    Whole Genome 15x
    Whole Genome 20x
    Whole Genome 30x
    Long Read Whole Genome

    Pros and Cons


    • Extremely extensive library for Y-Chromosome SNPs
    • The most comprehensive DNA testing kit available
    • Excellent health and ancestor insights
    • Results can be interpreted by medical specialists


    • Results are complicated to understand
    • Customers are responsible for paying for shipping both ways

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    Within about one week after registering for a FullGenome DNA Sequencing Kit, we received the DNA Sample Kit. Within this package, there were the following items:

    • Two spit collection tubes
    • Paperwork containing an invoice

    FullGenomes DNA testing kits come with two saliva collection tubes. This process is long and a little messier than the counterpart method of cheek swabbing. When preparing to collect your saliva, it is crucial to avoid eating, drinking, or smoking anything for 30 minutes beforehand.

    This is done to help prevent any source of biological contamination. When we took the test, we followed the instructions spit into the collection tubes until they were both full.

    How Fast do Results Come Back?

    Several weeks after we returned our samples to the lab, we received an email that invited us to set up an account with FullGenomes. You will need an account to view your results. As the case with many DNA analysis services, wait time for results can vary.

    There have been cases when results have been delayed due to the lab seeking a more comprehensive analysis. Interpretation results will be available for download once you have received the email and logged into your account. The 'Interpretation Results' contain several files and instructions.

    What do The Results Include?

    One downside of Full Genomes that we found is that it is quite challenging to understand the report. The results require more work and understanding of the consumer end than many other DNA testing kits. Luckily, there are features for furthering knowledge. The included instructions are more than welcome.

    The files will are categorized as Sequencing lab analysis and Full Genomes Analysis. The Sequencing lab analysis files contain the raw data that is generated by the Y chromosome sequence. There are four types of genetic variants included: CNVs, SNPs, SVs, and INDELS. There are instructions for understanding each variety included in the results. Even with an explanation, the process is quite complicated. Luckily, Full Genomes also sends a Genomes Analysis file.

    The Full Genomes analysis folder contains two files that you can easily open in Excel. The report identifies some high-reliability 'private variants.' With this report, you can compare the results to other registered Full Genomes accounts and identify recent mutations that may be shared.

    The folders are called variantCompare and haploCompare. We want to note that these reports contain thousands of rows, and it can be challenging to obtain any meaningful information from them.

    The Full Genomes analysis folder does report your data in a few different ways. We found that the most straightforward version of the results is the 'Good/ Bad/ Interesting overly simplified report.' This version lists all of the genetic variants that we possess that are understood to either be positive, negative, or interesting.

    In the 'Good' section, there are positive variants listed. Beside them is a brief explanation of what each of these implicates in terms of physical appearance and health. We love that this version explains the likelihood of factors such as going bald, obtaining adult-onset asthma, or risk for heart disease.

    This report is immensely helpful, especially if the customer has health concerns. If one wants more thorough advice, they could resend this a detailed DNA report to a medical professional. The 'Interesting oversimplified' section displayed neutral variants. These variants include sex, eye color, skin tone, and Haplogroup.

    The summary does not always fully interpret the variant that is next to it, but we like that you can click through each variant's SNPedia entry. With each one, there are scientific resources that link the variant to a specific genetic predisposition.

    How Does Full Genome Protect Your Privacy?

    When you agree to send a DNA sample to Full Genomes, you authorize the company or a third party to analyze the sample and generate genetic information. While you will be submitting a lot of information, Full Genomes Corporation's privacy policy claims to protect customer privacy.

    The company does this by de-identifying the genetic sample and labeling it with a unique barcode before sending it to the lab for analysis.

    Unless the customer requests otherwise, or the law prevents it, DNA samples are destroyed after the laboratory finishes the analysis. Any customer has the right to "opt-in" or "opt-out" of uses of personal information. This process is complicated, and to do so, you must message the privacy administrator at support@fullgenomes.com.

    The results of your DNA testing is the sole property of and is only available for the owner of the DNA sample. In other words, if you sent the DNA sample, you are the only one who can access your results.

    Having DNA testing results are loaded into the database is helpful for comparison purposes and for finding relatives. This is standard practice within the industry and is the only way to identify relatives on the family tree information. You can choose to have your data deleted, but then you will limit the services that you have access to.

    Matching With Relatives

    One element of Full Genomes that we love is the product 'Whole-genome: Basic analysis with ancestry reports.' This is an analysis of whole-genome data with the mtDNA sequence, which is a detailed overview of your maternal line as well as Y-DNA analysis.

    For male customers, Full Genomes will demonstrate other records that are linked to the data from your Y chromosome. This test reveals information about paternal ancestors. Some profiles in their database that most likely share that ancestor with you will appear, and you can find some living relatives.

    Y-Chromosome sequencing provides deep insight into your father's line. Your paternal lineage can be traced back to various regions of the world. Working out your position on the Y-Chromosome family tree can be complicated.

    There are many types of taxonomy and levels to sort through, and this data can be overwhelming. Luckily, the Y-DNA tree is an interactive graphic map that visually presents your family history.

    Once you have a Whole Genome Sequencing, you can take the raw data files to third-party services that could offer more of a family tree and relative-matching service. The interface of the website is simple to navigate but is much more technical than social, and the focus is more on ancestry than living relatives.

    Full Genomes Prices and Details

    The Full Genomes service is much more expensive than other commercial DNA testing products because it is much more in-depth. The company has the most extensive library of Y-chromosome SNPs, which allows you to explore your patrilineal background. This is only a service that is available for men because women do not have a Y-chromosome.

    Depending on the level of the test you would like to receive, Full Genomes is a significant investment. You can, however, get a single SNP test for only $15.

    Analysis of Y BAM

    This test will cost you $50, and for that price, you will get the market-leading analysis of your paternal line. It’s perfect for those wanting a better understanding of their paternal lineage.

    • Ancestry Data Extract
    • Reports on your Y-SNP and STR (includes mtDNA if found within BAM file)
    • Better than any competitor when it comes to the level of analysis

    Whole Genome: Basic Ancestry

    This package is the next step up and is priced at $75. This option gives you much more detail about your genetic history but is still an entry-level test.

    • Y chromosome data analysis to show haplogroups and ancestry
    • Provides you with Gedmatch compatible and research files

    Y Elite Ancestry Test for Men

    This option is for those wanting to discover more about their paternal ancestry and costs $425. It’s the most popular test available at Full Genomes and provides you with the background of your Y-DNA.

    • Advanced Y- chromosome test
    • 14 million records covered
    • Men only (women need to ask their father or male siblings to take the test)

    Whole Genome 15x

    The entry-level whole genome test is priced at $645, and lets you see you complete genome sequence at 15x depth. This option is for those wanting a more in-depth view of their genetic makeup.

    • Whole-genome to 15x depth
    • Entry-level view of your entire genome
    • Y coverage is the focus of the test

    Whole Genome 20x

    The entire genome 20x depth analysis takes you further into the sequence of your DNA. It’s a more detailed version of the 15x discussed already. This option costs $825 and is designed for ancestry and research.

    • Focused on ancestry and research
    • Genetic data at an in-depth level
    • Significant coverage of Y chromosome

    Whole Genome 30x

    This package is for serious DNA analysts and goes even further than the 20x test. For $1150, you get 30x depth on your entire genome sequence (WGS).

    • WGS file analysis included
    • Y-DNA and mtDNA ancestry reports
    • Includes Gedmatch compatibility files

    Long Read Whole Genome

    This package is the most advanced and in-depth option not only at Full Genomes but on today’s DNA test market and it's priced at $2900. If you want the full picture of your DNA makeup and history, then this is the package for you.

    • Whole Genome test to the most advanced level
    • Highest of any test for Y chromosome coverage
    • Market-leading analysis from any provider on the market

    While the products are more expensive than most other DNA testing kits, this is high quality and immensely detailed product.

    The best element of the Whole Genome Sequencing is that we can take data to a genetic specialist and explore the data even further. With the raw data files, we can use this data to discover more about our health profile and our family history.

    The data is available to you as the most personal, in-depth report about yourself that exists today. The vast amount of information that is delivered with this test is worth the higher cost.


    We recommend that anyone interested in a thorough explanation of their DNA looks into Full Genomes. With a variety of levels and prices of products available, there is something for everyone.

    The service does not have any user-friendly graphics related to your DNA, but the amount of information makes up for the lack of aesthetics. This is a top of the line DNA test that is worth a substantial investment.