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Many people think that getting your DNA test is a complicated, stressful and expensive affair. In this review, you will see that isn’t always the case, especially where is concerned. By the end of this review, you should know whether is the genome testing service for you.

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Table of Contents Basic Facts:

    • Company Name:
    • Foundation Year: 2013
    • Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
    • Monthly Visits: has hundreds of clients monthly.
    • Number of Databases: thousands of secure databases compiling DNA sequencing information around the clock
    • Website:

    What services are included in a DNA Test?

    Rating: 4.8/5 has two different DNA tests, the Ultimate DNA Test and the Ultimate Genome Sequencing Test.

    The Ultimate DNA Test includes:

    • testing of ~1 of genome
    • free DNA data download
    • information on ancestry (genealogy), health, and a relative finder
    • Coronavirus DNA health report – Plus Version
    • Real-time health and data updates
    • on special at time of writing article for $69 (usually $189) per test

    ultimate dna text dna collection kit

    The Ultimate Genome Sequencing Test includes:

    • testing of 100% of the genome
    • 30x (clinical grade WGS) genome quality
    • all types of genetic variants tested using the most up-to-date genome alignment reference
    • information on ancestry (genealogy), health, and a relative finder
    • genetic counseling available
    • on special at time of writing article for $399 (usually $599) per test

    ultimate genome sequencing DNA collection kit

    Availability of Diverse Collection Methods

    Rating: 4.5/5 ships its testing kits worldwide. After you put in your order for your testing kit, it is couriered right to your door. All you have to do once you receive it is follow the enclosed instructions guiding you through the steps to swab your cheek correctly. Please note that you’ll have to press the swab into the inside of your cheeks quite firmly to collect an adequate enough DNA sample. Customer Support

    Rating: 5/5

    If you need assistance at any time, has a knowledge base for you to search for your answer, or you can submit a request. However, one thing worth noting is that you cannot access the website's support page without signing up with your email address first. also has an email address that you can use. You can contact a helpful representative at Kits Cost/Price

    Rating: 4/5

    While’s Ultimate DNA Test Kit usually costs $189 and its Ultimate Genome Sequencing Test Kit usually costs $599, they also offer a membership program:

    Membership Name

    Cost monthly/annually

    Apps Available


    Additional Information



    Apps in the 'Free' category of the App Market


    Includes Athletic Performance & Genome Explorer Free


    $19.98 monthly/$239.78 annually

    Two free apps/month

    Genome-Lock DNA Security

    DNA Selfie & Genome Explorer Ultimate


    $59.98 monthly/$719.76 annually

    Four free apps/month

    Genome-Lock DNA Security

    DNA Selfie & Genome Explorer Ultimate


    $99.98 monthly/$1199.76 annually

    Six free apps/month

    Genome-Lock DNA Security

    DNA Selfie & Genome Explorer Ultimate

    You save 20% if you choose the annual payment plan site Database Size

    Rating: 4.5/5’s Altruist database makes use of a state-of-the-art, dynamically growing Cassandra (NoSQL) with built-in ADAM and GEMINI integrations.'s Cassandra implementation has been fully custom-made and optimized for genetic data storage to supply super-fast, incredibly robust questioning and inspection of vast amounts of fast-growing Big Data. Free Trial

    While allows you to have a free membership with basic options available, it also lets you try its silver membership for thirty days. However, one thing worth noting is that you can't register for your free trial without putting in your credit card details. However, you can cancel your membership at any time if you can no longer afford $19.98 per month. Expected Turnaround

    The usual turnaround time for’s Ultimate DNA Test is three to four weeks; however, if the lab is busy, it could take up to six weeks before you see your results. Additionally, the turnaround time for's Ultimate Genome Sequencing Test is generally ten to twelve weeks, but it could take sixteen weeks instead. Please note that the turnaround times are an estimate and not a guarantee. Expected Turnaround Accuracy

    Rating: 5/5 is arguably one of the most accurate DNA analyzers on the market. The reason why is because sequencing is the most precise way to test all the information in your DNA sample. In other words, the more your test kit covers (using the different apps from the App Market), the more data researchers, doctors, and scientists alike can learn about the way your genes are uniquely made up. However, in comparison, a typical DNA testing kit covers less than 0.2% of your DNA, whereas's Ultimate DNA Test analyses 1%, and its Ultimate Genome Sequencing Test covers 100% of your DNA. Interface

    Rating: 4.8/5 has a simple website that is easy to navigate. You can sign up, activate your lab kit and browse the app market with relative ease. Additionally, once you get your DNA results back, genetic counseling is available online to make properly comprehending the analysis easier. Moreover, explains the results written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Privacy

    Rating: 4.5/5 is HIPAA compliant, and its privacy policies state that your data will not be sold or shared with anyone, including pharmaceutical companies, law enforcement agencies, or insurance companies, to name a few. You are always in control of your data, which is stored securely in your account at all times. Not unlike a bank at times, only you can access your confidential data at any one time. Your entire account, including your DNA data and any other information, is private and confidential, as any and all information is kept in's incredibly secure data centers in the USA. Privacy Innovation

    Rating: 5/5

    As well as having ingenious sequencing technologies at its disposal when it's analyzing your DNA, adds new and innovative apps to its App Market every month.'s App Market includes over a hundred apps sorted into nine categories: health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, beauty, lifestyle, children art, and bioinformatics. Rate and Quality of Updates

    Rating: 4.5/5 updates you when anything relevant to your account happens in real-time. You can opt-in for on-screen notifications (pop-up messages on screen that are delivered in real-time). Additionally, mobile pop-up notifications are available (only Android devices are supported, but iPhone coverage is coming soon). Email notifications are open to you as well (you can choose between minimal or all messages).

    Best Alternatives to

    • DynamicDNALabs: offer various tests, including proactive health, family and ancestry, personalized medicine, and substance tests. All tests are cheaper than's prices. Turnaround time is less than three to four weeks to get your DNA results back. Additionally, DynamicDNALabs ships its testing kits all over the world.
    • EasyDNA: also offer a range of different tests, including ones for your pets (cats, dogs, and horses, to name a few). Founded in 2006 with offices in twenty-five other countries, EasyDNA is easy to access anywhere in the world. Additionally, paternity, relationship, prenatal, ancestry, clinical, health, drug, analytical, and forensic tests are also available. Prices start from $88, and the turnaround time is three to five working days.
    • Nebula Genomics: tests your whole genome like does. Nebula Genomics has three different types of genome testing kits. The Basic testing kit at $99, which tests your genomes with medium accuracy and at a 0.4x sequencing depth. Then there is the Deep testing kit for $299 that analyzes your DNA with high precision and at a 30x sequencing depth. Finally, the Ultra Deep testing kit for $999 sequences your genomes with ultra-high accuracy and at a 100x sequencing depth.


    When it comes to getting your DNA tested, is a solid choice to go with. is the only one on the market with over a hundred different ways that you can get your DNA tested. While they're more expensive than some of their competitors, the fact that you can get detailed information and help on demand whenever you want is an advantage.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can You Upload DNA Information That You Already Have To’s Servers?

    Yes, you can. has a massive range of DNA analysis apps that you can use with almost all DNA testing services. For example, supports information from 23andMe, Dante Labs, FamilyTreeDNA, Nebula Geonomics, and practically all other DNA testing services available.

    2. Do Other DNA Testing Services Test My Whole Genome?

    No, they do not. Companies like 23andMe or similar only test less than 0.1% of your DNA. They use genotyping microarray tests that do not test your genes or your entire genome., however, tests your whole genome with their Ultimate Genome Sequencing service.

    3. What is’s Membership Program?’s Membership Program allows access to its latest genomic technologies, all for a flat rate paid per month. You can cancel your membership at any time without any penalties or fees. If you cancel your membership, you will automatically be reset to the free plan but still have full access to the results of any tests you had.

    4. What Can I Do With My Data At

    You can access, use and download all of your raw data and your reports anytime you wish. Additionally, you can delete your information off's servers whenever, and for whatever reason you want to. Please note that when a file is deleted, you cannot recover it.