Vitagene DNA Testing Kit Review

Vitagene provides DNA testing kits that capture and analyze your DNA. Individuals can use this information to make more informed choices about their lifestyles. The main aim is to empower people with information about their genetic make-up. Vitagene's current focus is on fitness and nutrition. 

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    The company does have plans to expand its product offering in the future. Vitagene tests are cost-effective, and they personalize the information given to you, in line with your DNA.

    Science-driven research provides comprehensive, detailed information. Read on to find out why it's one of the best options for health-related DNA tests on the market today.

    Vitagene DNA Packages Start From

    Health Report
    Vigor Bundle
    Health + Ancestry
    Premium Report
    Vitality Bundle

    Pros and Cons


    • The cost of the test is affordable
    • The return envelope is prepaid, so there is no charge to send the sample back
    • Receive a personalized list of what supplements are best for your body
    • Able to use data from external companies and generate a report
    • Breaks down your genetic ancestry into geographical regions of the world
    • Includes research citations that link to specific scientific studies


    • Some of the information is generic and not specific
    • Test kits only available within the US, there’s no international shipping

    Collecting your DNA

    Vitagene DNA kits are currently only available within the United States. They do not accept any orders for international shipments. 

    Once you’ve placed an order, you can expect to receive the package within 3-5 days. You must complete an online questionnaire about your health after you have placed your order online. 

    When you receive your test kit, there are clear, step-by-step instructions. Follow the straightforward directions and proceed with the cheek swab. The precise process is explained to make sure that you get an excellent quality sample. 

    Here’s what you can expect to receive in your kit:

    • 2 x cheek swabs
    • 2 x vials
    • 1 x resealable bag
    • 1 x instruction book 

    Upon receipt of your kit, you need to register the product online using the activation code in the package. There’s a self-addressed envelope that comes with the kit. You need to return the prepaid envelope together with the swab inside, back to Vitagene. After a period of between 4-6 weeks, your results will be available on the website. 

    Vitagene allows you to upload DNA data that you have from another company into their system, too. There is an option to upload raw data from:

    When you upload the data and select the Health Report, you must still complete the lifestyle questionnaire online. Results are processed within 1-2 days. After this time, you can access your results through their web page. 

    You’ll not receive any test kit if you select this option.

    What Will be Measured?

    Several companies direct their focus toward diseases and family ancestry. It’s here that Vitagene differentiates itself from its competitors. 

    With the main focus on nutrition and fitness, Vitagene analyzes SNP's. These are single nucleotide polymorphisms in a person's genetic make-up. The DNA goes through an algorithm, and then the data runs through an extensive database of research on nutrition, fitness, and genomics. 

    The results allow the lab to match their findings to a specific diet and fitness plan best suited to your needs.

    How Fast Do Results Come Back?

    The testing process takes between 6-8 weeks to conduct. Upon finalizing the results, you can access your data on the website. 

    How to Read the Results

    When the results are ready, you’ll receive an email with a link that will take you directly to them. After logging in, you’ll see your dashboard. Your reports are presented in the following five groups:

    • Generic Traits
    • Diet
    • Supplement
    • Exercise
    • Ancestry 

    The dashboard also contains your profile information and some additional offers. 

    Genetic Traits 

    Each trait is individually listed, together with information relating to your genetic predisposition. Each person gets a clear idea of how these traits will affect them, both on a

    fitness and dietary level. 


    Here are just a few of the diet traits reported:

    • Lactose Intolerance
    • Alcohol Metabolism
    • Caffeine Metabolism
    • Gluten Sensitivity
    • Weight Management
    • Cholesterol Levels

    For each trait, they report on your genetic predisposition. As you click on each one, you see further information that is straightforward and colorful. Information on the report explains how to interpret the recommendations provided. This can help individuals to improve their health. 


    A list of recommended supplements is made available. Individuals can opt to order the products from Vitagene or their preferred supplier. Detailed information about how each supplement can enhance well-being is provided. 


    By selecting a variety of exercises, you can get an idea of how many calories you will burn each week. When you adjust the amount of time or increase the intensity, the calories will change. This way, you can get a good idea about the number of calories you will exert during exercise.

    Vitagene Ancestry

    The ancestry information is basic. It highlights the regions where your DNA can be traced to, and a detailed map shows the percentage of your DNA that identifies within a specific area. This gives you some insight into where your ancestors came from. 

    Vitagene Health

    People need to maintain the required level of nutrients within the body for it to function at an optimal level. As a person grows and changes, the body’s requirements and needs also change. By making use of supplements, we can fill the gaps. 

    Supplements can help to make sure that our bodies get everything that they need. Supplements do the following:

    • Can enhance your mood
    • Help to improve sleep
    • Assist with weight loss
    • Increase your energy levels and manage stress
    • Stabilize any nutritional deficiencies in the body
    • Good for detoxifying
    • Improves the appearance of the skin and helps build strong bones
    • Helps to maintain muscle strength and supports healthy aging
    • Improve short-term memory
    • Supports eye health

    Vitagene believes in using only the highest quality ingredients. For this reason, the products are made with non-GMO ingredients. 

    The supplements do not contain any of the following:

    • Gluten
    • Artificial colors
    • Chemical preservatives
    • Binders
    • Artificial flavors

    Because Vitagene is so passionate about health and wellness, they’ve added extra reading materials to their website. You can browse through various categories like vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients to discover the benefits of each of these. They also provide you with personalized meal plans and  let you ask questions to their nutritionists.

    You can even learn about the different types of micronutrients and how they work in your body. There’s information about different types of food, too. This details how each food is beneficial in treating various conditions in the body. 

    How Vitagene Protects your Privacy

    Genetic information is a sensitive matter. Vitagene will not share any information with a third party without your consent. The company also undertakes to keep all data secure, using industry-standard security methods. 

    The samples in the lab are not labeled with any basic identifying information. By storing DNA samples without your name, Vitagene ensures that your information is safe. All DNA samples are destroyed after the necessary tests are complete. 

    Vitagene Prices And Details 

    Health Report 

    The Vitagene Health Report is sold for a low price of only $29. It’s essential to remember that you don’t receive a kit with this option. This offer is for individuals that already have existing data from AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, or 23andMe. The Health Report entitles you to: 

    • Diet reports that help you to make the right choices with food
    • Exercise – learn about what types and levels of activity are best suited for you
    • Discover how often you should be working out
    • Find out which supplements are best suited to your condition
    • Your goals are taken into consideration, to pinpoint which supplements will have you feeling your best
    • An analysis of your genetics takes place. 

    Vigor Bundle

    The Vigor Bundle also requires that you add existing data from any one of the accepted options. For a cost of only $149, you will receive this:

    • A 90 day supply of 4 different supplements, based on your analysis
    • A supplement report is generated
    • This helps you to understand how the recommended supplements can work for you
    • Diet reports
    • Exercise reports
    • Ancestry reports 

    Health + Ancestry Report 

    By selecting the Health + Ancestry Kit for a cost of $89, you get the following: 

    • DNA test kit
    • Diet report
    • Supplement report
    • Fitness report
    • Ancestry report
    • Access to an online coach 

    Premium Report

    By selecting the Premium Report, you get all the same options as the Health + Ancestry Kit plus two additional extras. For an extra $20, you can pay $109 and get the following: 

    • DNA test kit
    • Diet report
    • Skin report (extra)
    • Supplement report
    • Fitness report
    • Ancestry report
    • Free report updates (extra)
    • Access to an online coach

    Free report updates are sent to you as new genetic research takes place. That way, you can stay on top of the latest information about genetics and how it is evolving.

    Vitality Bundle 

    The Vitality bundle contains everything that the Premium package contains, only the Skin report is not added. Also, when you purchase the Vitality bundle, you will receive a personalized supplement package: a 90-day supply of four smart supplements tailored to you. The cost of this bundle is $269. 

    • DNA test kit
    • Diet report
    • Supplement Report
    • Fitness Report
    • Ancestry Report
    • Free report updates
    • Access to an online coach 

    The Verdict

    Vitagene values their customers. When you subscribe, you’re immediately enrolled in the company’s loyalty program. This entitles you to receive a special discount of 50% off your total shipment value. You can take advantage of this discount every fourth month. 

    Vitagene's original plan was to focus on supplement recommendations. They have now expanded to include both exercise and diet programs to help their customers achieve excellence in health.

    You need to be over the age of 18 to place an order. 

    The information should not be used for any medical diagnosis, and the test results are for information purposes only. The sole intention is to educate people and provide guidance on improving health.