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    Do DNA Based Diets Work?

    Do DNA Based Diets Work?

    People are flocking to DNA testing as a way to understand important information about their health. You can learn about any predisposition to diseases through genetic analysis, what diet might be best for your body, and even which workout routine you should follow.

    Your DNA is unique to you and only you. When individuals approach genetic testing for weight loss, they can get important information about their overall health, diet, and what foods they should be consuming. This is invaluable information that can have major and positive health ramifications. 

    When you have more information about your body and what it needs, it empowers you to fight off disease and take proactive steps toward your health. Keep reading to discover how you can learn to eat according to your DNA, and what you should know about the relationship between nutrition and DNA.

    How Do Genetic-Based Diets Work?  

    If you’re considering taking a genetic test for weight loss purposes, you might be in luck. Scientists have been able to pinpoint genes that are related to body fat. When your genes are analyzed, you can learn whether you might be predisposed to weight issues.

    Based on this information, you’ll know how to alter the workout you’re doing, what supplements to take, and what types of foods your body needs to begin to shed the pounds. A DNA weight loss kit might be just the thing you need to reach your health goals.

    Genetic tests for weight loss can also point to a more severe problem: obesity. If you suffer from being severely overweight and it seems you’ve tried all the diets and exercise under the sun, the answer might be lying in your genes.

    If your gene analysis shows that you have some of the most well-known genes that cause obesity, then you can work in a more exact and streamlined manner with your doctor to reach your optimal health.

    What’s In A DNA Weight Loss Kit And How Can It Help Me Build A Diet Plan?   

    Today, using a DNA diet test kit is extremely simple and straightforward. Thanks to technological innovations and advances, anyone can simply order and complete a test at home without ever having to step foot into a clinic. Here’s a brief overview of how it works: 

    • Buy a kit: Do your research online to find the right kit to fit your specific needs and goals. Shop around and be sure to make a cost comparison
    • Register: Once the kit arrives, follow the instructions about how to register it. This will be easy and probably through the company’s website or mobile app
    • Collect your sample: Most likely, you’ll submit a specimen of your genes through a cheek swab or a saliva sample. Follow instructions carefully to ensure the sample remains uncontaminated 
    • Send your sample back: Ship back your test according to the provided instructions. Results can take anywhere from one to six weeks
    • Get your personalized DNA diet testing results: Once your sample has been analyzed, you’ll receive a full report detailing what was found, along with DNA based diet recommendations 

    Once you receive your personalized analysis, you’ll simply need to adopt the plan suggested. You might consider consulting with a doctor to ensure you’re making the right steps and staying safe. 

    DNA Fit Diet

    Eating For Your Genetics     

    Your nutritional DNA test kit is likely to reveal important information related to the food you eat. Some individuals might see a predisposition to Celiac disease, while others a predisposition to diabetes. Knowing about these conditions and your chances of getting them can significantly affect your diet. For example, people with celiac don’t eat any products containing gluten like pasta, bread, and more. 

    The more you know about your body’s existing sensitivities, the more accurate you can be with your food plan to ensure you give your body the best possible nourishment. You’re able to enjoy eating for your DNA, meaning eating a tailored and specific diet that provides optimal nutrition for what your body needs to function best.

    Nutrients Based On Your DNA 

    Our genes form the basis of how our bodies function. A mutated gene can cause a variety of issues, including those related to disease and body fat. Once you submit a DNA kit for weight loss, you can learn about the nutrients your body needs most.

    In fact, most weight loss genetic kits take into account nutrigenomics, which studies the effects of food and food constituents on gene expression. By exploring this, you’re able to fully understand how genetic variations affect your body’s nutritional environment. 

    From there, you can tailor your food intake to be more accurate to what your anatomy needs most. 

    DNA-Based Fitness And Exercising  

    Understanding your genes and how they relate to your weight is only half the battle. A nutritional DNA analysis will empower you with specific health stats, but the rest is up to you. Once you know what foods, supplements, and work-out programs are best, your commitment to it largely determines your weight loss’s success. 

    Of course, understanding the connection between your DNA and diet is crucial in giving you a healthy head start.

    Which Companies Offer DNA Tests For Nutrition And Dieting? 

    Today, most of the popular genetic companies offer diet and exercise DNA testing. Be sure to shop around and find the kit that matches your specific goals. A few of the top names include the following companies. 

    23andMe: Diet And DNA Testing Kit  

    23andMe is one of the most popular testing companies on the market today. The 23andMe diet kit is a popular one that many people have successfully employed to gain meaningful insights. 

    The company offers a health predisposition package that goes through several significant health and nutrition-related testing, including your likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes, BRCA1/BRCA2 breast cancer genes, celiac disease, and more. The DNA diet from 23andMe can help you make more informed decisions about your overall health. And Health 

    Among the most popular testing companies, offers a specific health package. The Ancestry DNA diet version of the kit will reveal if you’re susceptible to specific inherited conditions like breast cancer, colon cancer, and heart issues. You’ll also learn if you inherited high cholesterol, iron overload, and digestive problems.

    Jenny Craig  

    The popular and well-known weight loss company, Jenny Craig, has also entered the genetic diet space. Jenny Craig DNA testing includes crucial insights into how your body processes food and responds to exercise, as well as information about your sleep, eating patterns, and metabolism. Once you’re armed with your results, the Jenny Craig DNA decoder plan will help you navigate strategies to overcome genetic tendencies.

    Don’t forget that testing is half the battle. While many people enjoy great success with gene-based diet plans, the jury is still out on how to best approach this issue. Be sure to consult with your doctor or a nutritionist to ensure you’re making safe and healthy decisions.