Genopalate Review - Tasting the genome

Advances in mass sequencing have made it possible to extract information that was previously only accessible to academia. Now, ordinary individuals have many options for testing their genes. GenoPalate is just that. Except this is a company focused on analysing the most precise nutritional choices based on your DNA. We will explore the different aspects of GenoPalate further in this review.

Genopalate Review
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    Written by Juan Rivas Santisteban
    Updated: 09/22/2021
    • Company Name: GenoPalate
    • Foundation Year: 2016
    • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    • Monthly Visits: unknown
    • Number of Databases: unknown
    • Website:

    Genopalate assesses more than 90 ‘genetic markers’ that affect how the body digests nutrients.

    This knowledge is combined with its wealth of experience and research on nutritional genomics to figure out the appropriate level of consumption of each food group. Guidance is given with regard to carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

    Everyone has their own genetic variants, and it’s this information that provides the basis for a perfect nutritional plan.

    Not only this, but you’ll learn about your sensitivity to things like gluten, caffeine, and more, which affect millions of people globally.

    Testing also provides an insight into lactose and gluten sensitivity and metabolic rate of caffeine and alcohol.

    What services/products are included in GenoPalate DNA Test? Rated: 4/5 

    Services are very niche-oriented. Perhaps some pharmacogenomics or new molecular biology techniques are lacking.

    An example of GenoPalate report

    •   Essential Nutrition Report

     These services include an assessment to improve the quality of nutrients ingested by the client. This is done by metabolic analysis of the genes that have been analyzed during the DNA test. In this step it is discerned which allelic variants of the enzymes we have, which are absent or even how many copies of the same gene we have. In theory, this makes it possible to create personalized foods that suit us better and improve our health.

    •   Eating Insights Report

     In this category of services we can understand, in a detailed way, to what extent our habits are determined by the genes. We can discover the genetic basis of our favorite flavors, optimize our feeding times or even predict the cravings we will have.

    •     Personalized Recipe Collection

     From both options, a third one emerges that is also a key attraction of GenoPalate's packages: personalized diets. Quite simply, we could have not one or two, but a whole book of recipes that are to some extent personalized according to what our genes say about us.

    Availability of Diverse Collection Methods - Rated: 3.5./5

    Being a good bet for these types of tests, the company offers only standard kits with vials and swabs. However, they add the functionality of being able to analyze genetic data that you have already extracted with another company, making GenoPalate a much cheaper and more palatable add-on.

    GenoPalate Customer Support - Rated: 4.5/5

    This platform has a good training section. It consists of the medium-sized FAQ and its informative blog with search tools. But it falls a bit short as it does not provide relevant data on databases or other more technical aspects. However, they compensate for this to some extent by providing a fast, direct contact via telephone, email, or even live chat.

    GenoPalate pricing/ Kits cost - Rated 4./5

    These are pretty good packages at a very reasonable price for what they offer. 

     GenoPalate pricing/Kits cost

    Have Taken DNA test

    - Uses DNA data from previous test to discover all the GenoPalate features.


    Have Not Taken DNA test

    - Unlock Your Personalized Nutrient Needs, Hidden in Your DNA

     - Discover How Your Eating Behaviors, Cravings, and Food Preferences are Influenced by Your DNA 

    - Your Personalized Recipe Collection


     GenoPalate Database size - Rated: 2.5/5

    The number of complete genomes available to GenoPalate is currently unknown. Considering that it is, however, able to use data from other DNA testing companies, it is acceptable to assume that they use shared databases and that they are of good quality. 

    GenoPalate Free trial - Rated: 0/5

    GenoPalate does not currently offer testing services, even those not directly related to DNA testing (supplementation, etc.).

    GenoPalate Expected turn-around - Rated: 4/5

     The time to get some news is something around 4 to 6 weeks, although it could be quicker if you have already done the tests. This is a good average on the market. They will usually come via email and you will be able to consult all services at once. 

    GenoPalate Accuracy - Rated: 3/5

    Although Nutrigenomics is taking part in our brilliant future, GenoPalate is unclear about the sequencing technology they use, which will give the error rate and therefore the accuracy of the DNA tests. Another factor to bear in mind is that the conclusions they extrapolate from your genes, assuming they are correctly sequenced, could be wrong. This is a possibility because science continues to advance and what we think is a legitimate conclusion today could mean the opposite tomorrow. In the food world this is the bread and butter because there are thousands of interactions that do not depend on genes alone that are not considered. 

    Apart from this, it seems that the company's scientific team is reliable and of proven quality.

    GenoPalate Interface -  Rated: 5/5

    The information is expressed in a clear and graphical way, as this is what GenoPalate has spent the most resources on. Not only the products, once you receive them, but the website itself is very intuitive and well thought out, even the color range they use is important.

    GenoPalate’s interface with an open Chatbox

    GenoPalate Privacy -  Rated: 4.5/5

    In terms of privacy, GenoPalate also seems to be a very serious option. Your genetic information will be encrypted with several layers and they claim that they will never sell or share this information with third parties. This is more important than ever for tests with medical results, as this information, if leaked, could be used in an unethical or even harmful way against the client. 

    GenoPalate Innovation - Rated: 5/5 

    GenoPalate is a clear example of the social application of scientific discovery. This is its innovation, as it has the genuine potential to improve people's lives when this was impossible in the past. In addition, it has a research team made up of a multidisciplinary team of PhDs in biological sciences with publications related to nutrigenomics.

    GenoPalate Rate and quality of updates -  Rated: 2.5/5

    At no time or place do we find information about updates to the knowledge we have purchased, implying that the results we get are absolute, when this is not the case. It is true that there may be more robust results than others (such as propensity to diabetes mellitus), but this does not justify the absence of this feature, which is present in the competitors.

    Best Alternatives To GenoPalate

    • Vitagene- Vitagene is an alternative company and very similar to GenoPalate. They also have health reports, but more oriented to general characteristics and not to food. 
    • This company is an interesting alternative because, rather than substitute or compete directly, it provides a depth of readings greater than the average and also has health and diet reports.
    • Embark - We can take this brand into account if we want to elucidate the nutritional health of our pets. It is a fun and specialised alternative, another example of how the DNA test niche is booming. 


     We can conclude that this is a very specialized company in personalized nutrition, and they use the available tools in a very correct way. Apart from a few minor things, it is a very high quality service that will satisfy the most demanding palates, even those who already feel good about their food.

     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. Can Genopalate be dangerous for those who suffer from an eating disorder, such as anorexia or bulimia?

    In principle, those who have a severe disorder should consult their doctor for any sudden change in diet, even if their genes are more compatible with this new food. But there does not have to be problems, a priori.

    2. Could GenoPalate give uncertain results that harm my health in the short or in the long term?

    This should not happen, because the results are only diet or schedule optimizations. It is much more dangerous for health, in fact, not to follow these recommendations.

     3. Will I feel better if I follow GenoPalate's advice?

    This point is important. It doesn't have to. In fact, it is likely that at first we will notice a decline in energy, since western diets have high values ​​in unnecessary sugars. However, after a while, you should have more vitality and above all, better digestion.

    4. Are GenoPalate Supplements Safe?

    While they are safe, it should be noted that no supplementation is a meal replacement. This must be considered and not obsessed with recommendations, because after all, we are not machines designed to always eat the same thing and in the same way.

    Genopalate Pros and Cons


    • Creates healthy, simple meal plans
    • Provides guidance on which foods negatively impact your body


    • Extremely limited product selection