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The world of DNA testing is growing fast and it can be a headache to find the right information and that’s where we come in.

Top DNA Testing Kit Picks

  • Health Report
  • Health + Ancestry Report
  • Vitality Bundle
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Week delivery time
  • Extensive database
  • Family Trees
  • Immigration Records
  • Hire a Researcher

DNA testing kits are a great way to learn more about yourself and your origins, and it’s also a fun way to become closer with family, discover new things, and even meet new relatives across the world who have also participated in the tests. Even better, they can make great holiday gifts for loved ones and friends while serving as a fun way to encourage deeper familial bonds. We have dived deep into DNA testing to uncover the best services, but before choosing a kit, learn more about DNA testing and how it works. 

Basic DNA Testing Kit Comparisons

As the title suggests, these are tests that provide you with the most basic information about where in the world your ancestors lived.

Many also offer a relative-matching service that can, with your permission, help you to get in touch with other users of their service that share significant parts of your DNA. If you are a genealogist, an adoptee searching for your first family, or just have a general interest in your genetic make-up without wanting to go into great amounts of detail, then this type of “Ancestry” test is probably the category to choose.


Product Name





  • 42 supported ethnicities – the largest number offered by a major DNA testing service
  • Connections with living relatives
  • Shows percentage of DNA shared with database matches
  • Auto Clusters and the Theory of Family Relativity tool suggest how you and many of your matches are connected.
  • Testing done in certified US laboratory
  • Results in under 5 weeks


Ancestry DNA

AncestryDNA® Kit

  • Search of origins in up to 500 regions
  • Connections with living relatives
  • ThruLines tool uses Ancestry trees to suggest how you may be related to your DNA matches 
  • Genetic Communities feature combines DNA results with geographic information from your genetic matches to trace relatively recent migrations


Home DNA

HomeDNA™ Starter Ancestry Test


  • Results give ethnic composition and ancestry matches
  • Results in under 4 weeks
  • Identification of other population groups with similar DNA


23 and Me

Ancestry and Traits

  • Goes back up to 500 years
  • 1,500+ regions covered
  • Connections with living relatives
  • Includes likely traits including hair color, facial features, taste and smell preferences
  • Ancestry timeline


Living DNA

Starter Kit

  • Family ancestry compared with 8 continents
  • Optional matching with family members on database
  • Options available for more comprehensive ancestral information


Family Tree DNA

Family Finder

  • Detailed ethnic and geographical breakdown of ancestry
  • Provides names and email addresses of genetic matches
  • When multiple relatives are tested, can sort many matches into paternal and maternal lines
  • Mapping tool for ancestral migration patterns
  • Offers Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA testing


African Ancestry

MatriClan Test Kit

  • Only provider with comprehensive database of indigenous African genome sequences
  • Includes membership in African Ancestry Facebook group
  • Free copy of “African Ancestry Guide to African History and Cultures”
  • Free silver pendant or $30 discount on kit
  • PatriClan kit also available for male lineage


Full Genomes

Basic Analysis with Ancestry Reports

  • Whole genome analyzed
  • Variant summary reports of mtDNA sequence and male Y-DNA analysis
  • Includes genome analysis of ancestral heritage
  • Detailed and scientific



Ancestry + Health Personal Genetic Reports

  • Do not do DNA tests themselves
  • Use raw data from a number with a number of other genetic ancestry testing companies
  • Detailed breakdown of genetic heritage
  • Includes health, diet and exercise advice



Basic DNA Testing Kits - Our Verdict

Although all kits have the limitations imposed by being the most basic level, of the nine that we’ve covered here, it’s Ancestry DNA that wins out. Not only does it provide a more detailed level of information but, it also has a worldwide database of over 15 million users, making it all the more likely that you could be put in touch with a long-lost relative or two. The 23and Me kit is also worthy of a mention as it has the second-largest database and provides the most precise breakdown of ethnic ancestry for most people of European ancestry.

Complete DNA Testing Kit Comparisons

If you want an altogether more comprehensive overview of your genetic make-up and where your origins lie then a good choice would be one of the “top of the range” options.

Not only will these provide you with a far deeper analysis of your DNA, many also include additional features including online support and access to historical records. As they are aimed at the more serious kind of researcher, some also come with annual subscriptions to help with continued studies into a family tree. And, as you’ll see, some also specialize in specific ethnic groups.


Product Name




Complete Subscription

  • Full DNA testing
  • Connects with the full My Heritage genealogical tools to draw up a complete family tree
  • Comprehensive online support
  • Access to 10 billion official records

$179 then $259 p.a

Ancestry DNA

Ancestry DNA plus World Explorer Membership

  • Full DNA Test
  • Access to complete Ancestry database
  • Refer to all public family trees on Ancestry
  • Create your own family tree)
  • Contact any Ancestry member


Home DNA

Advanced Ancestry Test

  • Analyzes over 80,000 genetic markers
  • Examines up to 1000 years of heritage
  • Tracks migration journeys for maternal and paternal lines
  • 1000 + populations analyzed


Living DNA

Full Ancestry Kit

  • Unique DNA Constellations method
  • Continental and sub-regional breakdowns
  • DNA matching and optional Family Networks feature
  • Intuitive interactive online platform
  • Extended ancestry breakdown


Family Tree DNA

Paternal and Maternal Ancestry

  • The world’s largest Y-DNA and mtDNA databases
  • Traces patterns of migration for direct paternal or maternal lines
  • Personalized mt Sequence video showing migration
  • Free participation in genealogical research projects



Y-DNA starts at 119$

African Ancestry

Family Celebration Package

  • Two DNA tests, one male, one female
  • Matching with country of origin and ethnic group
  • Up to 2000 years of DNA history
  • Up to six extra personalized certificates


Full Genomes

Long Read Full Genomes

  • The most advanced genome test currently available
  • Complete analysis of genetic make-up
  • Data presented in raw form
  • Significant coverage of the Y chromosome (male)



Mega Pack

  • Uses raw data from other providers of DNA testing services
  • Includes Traits and Personality reports
  • Health analysis
  • Risk profiles for disease carrier potential
  • 600 traits covered by 9 separate reports


Best Complete DNA Testing Kit - Our Verdict

If you are truly serious about looking into your genetic make-up then there’s no question that Full Genomes’ product is the clear leader in the field. As you’d expect for the price, it goes into truly minute detail, 1000 times greater than standard tests.

If you’re looking for an alternative way to view your genetic origins, consider the $124 Home DNA test. Its analysis of up to 80,000 genetic markers is comprehensive and its results can go back 1000 years or more. Note that neither of these two tests compare you with other testers. So you don’t get the lists of genetic relatives that can be so helpful in conventional genealogy research.

Health DNA Testing Kit Comparisons

The connections between genetics and health are becoming more and more widely understood as time goes on. This is playing a key role in the rise of preventative healthcare, as well as helping to identify congenital conditions that may have been overlooked in the past.

The findings of Health DNA tests can be very helpful both in acting as a catalyst for lifestyle changes and for working with health professionals to treat or prevent the conditions in question. For many people, these tests simply provide peace of mind. They range from the reasonably basic to the fairly complex and in many cases, they are combined with ancestry reports, which may also give an insight into the prevalence or likelihood of a number of illnesses or conditions.


Product Name




DNA Health Kit

  • 36 personalized health reports
  • Polygenic risk reports for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and breast cancer
  • 18 carrier status reports including cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia
  • Ethnicity estimate covering 42 supported ethnic groups



Ancestry DNA

Ancestry Health Core

  • Health and wellness reports
  • Health advice based on genetic make-up
  • Access to genetic counseling resources
  • Health comparisons with others with a similar genetic make-up
  • Extensive database


Home DNA

Healthy Weight

  • Diet and exercise strategies according to genetic make up
  • Optimal nutrient needs explained
  • Best workouts defined and described
  • Metabolic analysis to provide customized solutions


23 and Me

Health and Ancestry Service

  • 10 health predisposition reports, including diabetes and celiac disease
  • 5 wellness reports including muscle composition, genetic weight, and alcohol flush reaction
  • 40 carrier status reports identifying potential genetic diseases
  • Ancestry report


Living DNA

Wellbeing Kit

  • Exercise ideas to fit in with your lifestyle
  • Metabolic analysis of vitamin absorption
  • Nutrition advice based on genetic profiling
  • Relaxation and recovery exercises to promote overall wellbeing


Full Genomes

Whole Genome 30X

  • Provides medical information to share with health professionals
  • Highly detailed genome analysis
  • Advises on risk of hair loss, asthma and heart disease
  • Gives comparisons with general population
  • Links with explanatory resources


Futura Genetics

Futura Genetics DNA Test

  • Tests for 28 separate diseases and conditions
  • Conditions include Alzheimer’s, diabetes, breast cancer, macular degeneration and multiple sclerosis
  • Compatible with data from 23+Me for a reduced cost



Health and Ancestry Report

  • Diet suggestions and food intolerance reports
  • Vitamin and supplements advice based on DNA findings
  • Physical analysis including workout recommendations
  • Basic ancestry report


Best Health DNA Testing Kit - Our Verdict

This is very much about what you want from your health DNA report. If you want to discover your genetic disposition to suffer from certain illnesses and conditions then the Futura Genetics DNA test is an all-round winner with its comprehensive testing. But if you’re keen to create the best version of you then the Vitagene report is certain to provide recommendations that you can act on. Also worth looking into is the Home DNA Healthy Weight kit for specific dietary and weight loss advice tailored to your metabolism and genetic make-up.

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Pet DNA Testing Kit Comparisons

While a Pet DNA test may seem like an unusual thing to look for, there are some very good reasons why these kinds of tests are rapidly gaining in popularity. With more people taking in rescue dogs of uncertain parentage, getting an idea of the different breeds that they may include can be invaluable information. For example, it may help to explain a particular animal’s temperament or behavior as well as its susceptibility to certain illnesses or conditions. This means that both you and your beloved pet can get more out of life, and it may even ensure a longer life together.


Product Name



DNA My Dog

Breed Identification Test

  • A personalized breed composition certificate
  • Guide to probable personality traits and behavior
  • Health risk report including known predispositions



Breed and Health Kit

  • Search covering 250 known breeds
  • Genetic information 100 times more detailed than competitors
  • Checks for 175 known conditions
  • Genetic traits information
  • Highly accurate results


Wisdom Panel

Canine Breed and Disease Detection

  • Test covers 99% of breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club
  • Genetic mutation test covers over 150 conditions
  • Three generation family tree
  • Weight recommendation
  • Guide to typical traits of breeds


Best Pets DNA Testing Kits - Our Verdict

While at $199 it may seem to be a fairly expensive option, the EmbarkDNA Breed and Health Kit does represent great value for money. Not only does it identify many more breeds than the other two tests, it also checks for many more conditions. What’s more, its results have been proven to be very accurate indeed. So the long and short of it is that, if you love your dog, this is the test for you.

So there you have them – a rundown of just some of the many DNA tests that are available right now. Much of your choice will come down to personal preference but hopefully what you’ve read here will at least have helped to point you in the right general direction.

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DNA Testing – How Does it Work?

Although it may sound like a complicated and scary process, DNA testing kits for your home are surprisingly easy and quick to use. In fact, home DNA tests today don’t even require a blood sample in most cases. Instead, you simply need a sample of your saliva, which contains all the genetic material companies need for testing. 
Most DNA testing kits available scan for three main things:

  1. Your family history and ancestry – This is the biggest appeal of popular DNA testing kits, and it can show you your family history, ethnic breakdown, and even your ancestors’ migration patterns across the globe.
  2. Health and disease information – These tests look for genetic markers (segments of your DNA) that highlights conditions to which you may be predisposed. This is a smaller subset of home DNA testing kits, and it is still relatively new due to regulations and development.
  3. Relative identification – In addition to your ancestry, DNA testing services can use your genetic information to match you with relatives you may not have known you had. Keep in mind that this will be limited to others who use the same service as you. 

Most companies that offer DNA testing today use autosomal testing, which is an easy and effective way to track a person’s ancestry. Even so, there are a few types of DNA tests that are worth understanding. These are three of the most widely used:

Autosomal testing

Autosomal testing is the most popular type of DNA test. This method is usually the one used as a “family finder”, and it tests 22 pairs of your chromosomes that aren’t involved in determining your sex. Companies can use these tests to match distant cousins and relatives, understand your ethnic makeup, as well as identify some common heritable traits such as eye color and hereditary diseases.

Y-DNA testing

Y-DNA testing exclusively scans the Y chromosome (also known as the “male” chromosome) and traces a person’s paternal lineage (passed down from fathers). These tests are only available for males, as women don’t have a Y chromosome. However, a woman can still trace their paternal line by testing a male relative.

mtDNA testing

mtDNA testing is the opposite of Y-DNA testing; it scans your maternal lineage. Both men and women can use this test, which scans your genetic history passed down from your mother. One of the benefits of these tests is that since maternal genetic material is incredibly slow to mutate, you can scan your ancestry back quite some time.

Got a DNA Kit, What Do I Do Now?

The best thing about DNA home testing kits today is that they’re surprisingly easy and fast to take. Gone are the days when you had to have blood drawn and deal with needles. Instead, most tests today simply require a small saliva sample to give you accurate results. Even so, it can be a bit confusing to handle everything associated with getting that sample back to the company. 

The first step is to choose the best DNA test kit for your needs. Once you have that, you’ll usually have to answer a short questionnaire and confirm some details. With that in hand, you’ll receive your DNA testing kit in the mail. The question is, what do you do now? The answer is simpler than you think. Here are the basic steps to follow (keep in mind that some companies may have slightly different processes):

  1. Open your DNA test kit and scan the contents – The first step is to see what’s in the box. You’ll usually receive a small instruction booklet, a posted envelope to return your sample and a few swabs or tubes and sealable plastic bags. Read through the instructions carefully as they include information about how to collect your samples and package them afterward. AncestryDNA and 23andMe, for instance, include saliva tubes along with sealed plastic bags to place the samples in once you've collected them. Family Tree DNA and MyHeritage, on the other hand, use cotton swabs for sample collection, and include small vials to place the swab tips after you’ve collected samples. 
  2. Collect your DNA samples – This may sound scientific, but it’s quite simple. In most cases, you’ll receive a few swabs that you must swipe a few times on your cheeks and place them in packaging. Some companies may require that you spit in a tube and seal it.
  3. Register your DNA test – Before sending your test in the mail, you’ll be required to register your kit online. This is due to privacy concerns, as your test number will be used anonymously in the lab without your name attached. All the major companies (AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage, and FamilyTreeDNA) require this step as a means to protect your privacy. 
  4. Place your sealed DNA tests in the envelope and ship them – Once you’ve completed your registration and followed the instructions to complete your DNA test, all you have left to do is mail back your sample and await the results. It’s worth keeping in mind that while every company will give you an envelope to send back to their lab, not all include free shipping. 23andMe, for instance, requires you to provide postage and pay for shipping both ways. MyHeritage only requires you to provide postage for returning samples.

dna background smiling people on front

DNA Test Results and Their Meanings

The most exciting part of a home DNA testing kit is getting your results, but once you do see them you may be left a little confused as to what exactly they mean. Most companies attempt to keep their results information straightforward, but it can be quite a bit to take in if you’re not familiar with the subject matter. Before diving into your test results, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Men and women have different results. This is because while men have both an X and Y chromosome, women, who have two X chromosomes can only trace their maternal line.
  • Different companies may show their results differently. If you’re comparing your results with someone else, don’t be alarmed if things look strange on one of the result pages. While the information is likely similar, they way it’s presented may throw you off.
  • You shouldn’t expect 100% accuracy. While these tests are a great way to learn about your family history, it’s worth noting that they’re by no means a definitive book on your genealogy. That said, they’re a great way to compliment your family research.

Once you get your results, the first thing you’ll likely see is your ancestry and ethnic breakdown. This is usually displayed as a map showing relevant regions or as a chart that gives you a numerical breakdown. Your ancestry breakdown will usually show your familial history along with potential migration patterns, as well as a more detailed view of your family’s genetic composition. 

Some companies like 23andMe and TellMeGen, may also include information about medical and genetic predispositions depending on the test you’ve selected. This will usually be accompanied by some explanations and more detailed looks. It’s important to remember that while these tests may be shocking (finding out you have a genetic predisposition to a potentially life-changing condition always is) but before panicking, you should consult with your physician to understand what these tests may mean for you. 

Companies like MyHeritage, FamilyTreeDNA, 23andMe, and Living DNA (among others) will also let you go deeper once you have your results back. Many include a useful relative search that lets you see if other people who are genetically related to you have also taken the test. If so, you’ll be able to see them (if they have opted in, and you have) to build a better family tree. Those tests that compare your DNA with that of other users provide some means for you to contact them. Many DNA services have an internal communications system for reaching out to matches. Family Tree DNA lets you email your matches directly.  Additionally, many also let you build or upload family tree files in the common GEDCOM format for comparing your family tree with the trees of your genetic relatives.

How Do We Test DNA Companies and Services?

Despite the relatively new field of DNA testing, there are already many services that offer similar testing kits and features. However, they don’t always deliver on what they promise, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find the best and most reliable services on the market. Our expert reviews focus on a few factors to determine how well these companies perform:

  • Breadth of Services – How many different tests and options does a company offer? While you may only be looking for your ancestry, it’s nice to know that the company you’ve chosen offers different alternatives, post-testing services, and more. It’s important that testing companies give you variety.
  • Depth of Services – More than simply listing a number of tests, it’s crucial that the companies deliver on those services they do offer. Additionally, we’re looking for how deep these services go into tests using your genetic material. Surface-level may be okay for some, but if you’re taking a DNA test, you’re likely expecting to learn something you couldn’t have otherwise.
  • Reliability – Finally, we look at how efficient testing services are delivering both the initial test and your results once they’ve been sent back. With so many companies offering similar services and features, the speed surrounding the process is a big factor to consider.

No matter which testing service you choose, you should always conduct your research first. Explore our expert reviews and see what others are saying in our DNA testing user reviews.