Best Paternity Test Kit Reviews of 2018 – Know Your Ancestry

DNA test is used to recognize matching indicators amongst genetic elements. It is an analysis of DNA strands through which you will come to know where you have come from? The DNA sample is evaluated by technicians. These technicians detect certain markers within your DNA strands. From this testing, it can be made out your relation with another person or ethnic group.

I would like to suggest the best DNA service that will make you aware of the functionality and features. You can choose any kit of your choice from the list that fulfills your requirement. Let’s discuss in detail.

Best DNA Testing Kits

Best Paternity Test Kit

1) Ancestry DNA Test Kit

AncestryDNA Ancestry DNA Test Kit is the simple way to find out your complete ethnicity. Instructions are clearly mentioned so you can easily understand them. Ancestry DNA reviews reveal that it is an autosomal DNA test that will provide an ethnicity breakdown. The people and places that made you is identified by it. From it, you come to know who you are?

  • It covers 3 million people and counting. You will observe it as the world’s most used and popular consumer DNA network.
  • Through it, you will come to know new ancestors which you never knew you had. It will unite you to distant kinsfolks.
  • It is the world’s largest consumer DNA community.
  • It reveals your ethnic mix across 26 regions worldwide.


2) STK Paternity Test Kit

STK PaternitySTK is one of the best paternity testing kit. It is remarkably easy and fast. The guidelines are clear and provide you accurate results. You will be pleased on experiencing the results.

  • It is up to 99.999% accurate.
  • Online status is available, and you can get the mail of hard copy results.
  • The lab costs include testing of one suspected father and one child.
  • It proves 16 DNA loci and 3 more than the FBI for DNA fingerprints.
  • 1-800 number is available for the questions about the paternity test result.


3) SneakPeek – DNA Test

SneakPeekSneak Peek is one of the best genetic testing kits that help you in giving an identity to your baby. The directions are mentioned in details. The results were quick and correct.

  • It can identify the presence of fetal DNA. The gender of the baby is defined with 99% precision.
  • You can claim the refund if the test of the result does not match the gender of your newborn baby.
  • It renders fast results. You can collect the result within 72 hours from the time you placed an order.
  • You can take the test at home conveniently. The result you will receive through email.
  • It helps you in knowing the gender of your baby earlier so you can manage your pregnancy accordingly.


4) Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit

Rapid DNA Paternity Test KitRapid DNA testing for ethnicity is the great all-inclusive kit that is cheaper than the competition. It is easy to use that provides super quick results, and you will find it economical.

  • It will provide 99.999% accurate result that is tested twice to confirm the reliable result.
  • You will get results within two days after the samples are received
  • The moment samples are received at the lab; you can collect the result within two days.
  • It inscribes the accreditations – AABB, CLIA, CAP, ISO/IEC by National Accreditation Board.  
  • You can take the test at home comfortably that is pain-free cheek swab.


5) 23andMe DNA Test

23andMe23andMe is worthy for all DNA testing for ethnicity companies that deals with medical DNA information. It is a great tool that is money’s worth. You will receive results timely. You will come to know what DNA declares about your wellness, characters, and origin.

  • It provides a saliva sample which you can use at home. You will get the results in six to eight weeks.
  • It will be good if you review the important information at before putting an order.
  • You will be given 65+ online personalized genetic reports.


6) Mars Veterinary DNA Test Kit

Mars Veterinary Wisdom PanelAn easy-to-use Mars Veterinary DNA Test Kit provides precise results. You will have the feeling of fun when you test the DNA of your dog. You can recognize the breed of your dog accurately through this test.

  • You will get DNA-based insights that will make you aware of dog’s unique look, actions, and wellness needs.
  • An official ancestry report will be revealed through email that will define your dog’s genetic background.
  • Apt nutrition and diet choices will predict adult weight range.
  • You can get better training program through breed insights.
  • It deals with MDR1 for multi-drug sensitivity.


7) Wisdom Mixed Breed DNA Test Kit

Wisdom PanelThe wisdom mixed-breed DNA test kit provides exciting and accurate results. The test is easy that will provide you with specific results. This product is good if you are curious to know your dog’s genealogy.

  • It will help in creating the operative behavior training program.
  • You can plan activities that will gratify the natural tendencies of your dog.
  • According to the breed’s specific needs, you can modify your dog’s diet.
  • You will get the mixed breed dog’s ancestry.


8) Family Tree DNA Test Kit

Family Tree DNAFamily Tree DNA service kit for ethnicity is great to discover your lineage. You will be impressed with how easy it is used. Instructions are mentioned clearly so that you can make use of it without any complications.

  • It determines family connections and helps in tracing your lineage.
  • It helps in finding distant relatives.
  • You can find out your roots with the help of this test.


 Family Tree DNAAncestry23andMe
ChipIllumina OmniExpress
Illumina OmniExpress
Custom Illumina OmniExpress
Sample Collection TypeCheek Swab
GEDCOM UploadYes

All the products mentioned above of DNA testing possess qualities that will offer you satisfactory results. You can go for any product of your choice by keeping your requirements and budget in mind. Before buying any product you just plan for which purpose you would like to carry out DNA test, what will be the timeline, how the collection process will be proceeded and check the certification of the testing labs.

The DNA test comparison will provide you the result regarding the purpose you would like to proceed with the test. If you want to know the child’s genetic father, then opt paternity test. If you are interested in knowing your pet’s breed, then animal DNA test kit is apt for you. An ancestry DNA test will serve you better if you are eager to know the bloodline, ethnicity and group origins.

DNA testing is a powerful tool for personal identification. It has many practical applications like parenting testing, forensic testing, gene therapy, genetic genealogy, etc. It helps;

  • in the identification of biological relations,
  • to identify criminals, suspects, or victims,
  • to know about the genetic conditions or congenital disabilities
  • to find some person’s ancestry.

Only 0.1% DNA differs person to person; others are identical. That makes us unique. It carries the unique genetic code identify traits from eye color to aspects of the personalities. Each cell in our bodies contains a whole set of DNA – from the heart to head and blood to bone! DNA testing helps in selecting a segment to look in the billions of genetic codes to find the genetic markers to determine similarities or differences between people.

How Does DNA Testing Work?

Undoubtedly you are a unique personality, but still – directly or indirectly – you have shared some common bonds in the past to the family. You can find such connections in DNA. It looks for the similarity between two biological samples. You can take an example of blueprints. DNA is also like that, which helps in making you the way you.

Your DNA had come from your ancestors. That is the only thing which has made DNA an important part to research the family history. If we talk about the test, you can take samples from anywhere; whether from the body or skin, from your hair, blood or other bodily fluids.

Step 1 – Firstly, the DNA will be isolated from the cells, and then millions of copies will be made by PCR – Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a method which creates the copies.

Step 2 – PCR uses a naturally occurring enzyme. It helps in the copying process of a particular stretch of DNA over and over again. Having more DNA, much easier the analysis of the DNA will be!

Step 3 – After that, the molecules of DNA will split at some specific locations to bifurcate them into known chunks. The code at that particular points will be then analyzed to create a DNA fingerprint.

Step 4 – Lastly, both the fingerprints of two different samples can be compared to check out if they match or not.

Accuracy of such tests

There are several discussions and debates regarding the accuracy of DNA tests. It is, most of the time, the only evidence to prove that a suspect was, one way or other, involved in a crime. Sometimes, it can become the only reason to free someone who is innocent and has been wrongly convicted.

It is straightforward to tell if DNA does not match. But if they match, there is a need of the cross check. Even when there is a positive result of the DNA of two biological samples, it is not necessary that it is completely trustworthy. For the accurate results, scientists prefer more tests. They believe in two or more genetic markers and then gives surety.

There is always a small chance of having the same genetic markers of two different people, especially in the case of the relationship with each other. The more identical markers, the more accurate the test! However, it takes more time and might become expensive. If we talk about forensic DNA tests, they usually test six to ten markers.

As per the study, only one in one billion cases is there in which the results are not accurate, and in which it shows that two unrelated people have identical profiles. Otherwise, all the tests results have been noted accurately.