Accurate Diagnostics DNA Testing Kit Review

Accurate Diagnostics is recognized as the leading provider of DNA services in the state of South Carolina and has been in operation since 2002. It offers, quite specifically, just DNA parentage testing for residents of South Carolina, but has gathered a solid reputation for integrity, satisfaction, and accurate results.

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    The results here are said to always be at least 99.9% accurate and are admissible in a court of law.

    Accurate Diagnostics Packages Start From

    As mentioned above, there’s only one option for DNA assessment available here, and that's the DNA parentage test. A little suspiciously, the prices for this test aren’t mentioned anywhere.

    It’s stated that these tests are the most affordable DNA testing services offered in South Carolina and that in many cases you can save nearly 50% when compared with the national and local competition.

    Accurate Diagnostics Pros and Cons


    • The results of these tests are unquestionable
    • This provider comes highly recommended


    • You’ll need to have your DNA sample taken for you, and the catchment area is very small

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    As these tests are admissible in a court of law, the utmost standards are held to ensure that there can be no foul play. Therefore, you won’t be able to take a DNA sample yourself but must meet with an Accurate Diagnostics professional.

    However, the examiners are flexible, and can visit you wherever is most convenient, be it your home, work, or any other public place.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    There isn't any information on the website about how long it’ll take for your results to be returned to you. To apply for one of these tests, you’ll need to phone up and arrange an appointment to begin the process. During this phone call, you may ask any questions you like relating to costs and results.

    What do the Results Include?

    The results will include the likelihood of a match between all involved parties. The figure is achieved using several tests, and is stated to be at least 99.9% accurate. However, in reality, you can assume that all results are final and absolute.

    How Does Accurate Diagnostics Protect Your Privacy?

    Due to the sometimes sensitive nature of this kind of testing, security is a concern. Fortunately, this provider assures all customers that any information entered, be it personal data or DNA information, will be kept entirely private and secure.

    Matching With Relatives

    You can send in two DNA samples and have them analyzed for the familial connection. You can’t, however, send in one sample, and find out if any stored DNA matches it.

    Accurate Diagnostics’ Prices and Details

    As mentioned above, the prices aren’t stated, just said to be very affordable. It’s difficult to trust such a claim, however, without any information on costs whatsoever.

    If you’d like to pursue a test with this provider, you should certainly enquire about pricing when having your initial phone consultation.


    Accurate Diagnostics offers a beneficial service, but only to quite specific people. You’ll need to be a South Carolina resident with an inquiry relating to the parentage of a child, likely with a view to using this information in court. For anyone else, this provider will be of little use.

    If you were simply hoping to explore your ancestry, or you wanted a parentage test but live outside of South Caroline, why not try Home DNA? This organization offers paternity tests nationwide that can be taken from your home.