Alabama Comp DNA Testing Kit Review

Alabama Comp was created in 2001 when a practicing doctor recognized the need in the market for both legally admissible family DNA analysis and peace of mind testing. He left his practice and created the Alabama Comp, an organization offering a number of services relating to occupational and preventive medicine and DNA assessment. The many services include injury treatment, DOT examinations, drug and alcohol screening, employment screening, and respirator certifications, but this review will focus solely on the DNA paternity tests.

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    Alabama Comp Packages Start From

    Among the other choices, the DNA analysis is a single examination but has some options that will cause the price to change, as shown below. This examination is used to compare the DNA of a child to the DNA of an alleged father. This is checked to see if it’s a match, which will determine the probability of paternity. These tests are said to be accurate to 99.9998%.

    You can also use these evaluations to prove grand parentage, siblingship, or an avuncular relationship. Legally admissible evidence might be required for divorce proceedings, custody hearings, or immigration and refugee applications, among other things.



    Private or Basic (information only)


    Legally Admissible


    Each additional child


    Testing of a non-buccal swab (toothbrush, cigarette butt, etc.)

    Additional $100.00


    • The results of these tests can be used in a court of law
    • These examinations are extremely accurate


    • The price of these analyses is rather high

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    The standard way to do this is to order your test and wait for your collection kit to arrive. This will contain a buccal swab to be rubbed along the inside of your cheek, and a plastic tube in which to seal it. You can then send this sample back using the return envelope. You may, for an additional cost, use something that the mouth has touched, for example, a cigarette butt.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    Test results usually come back from two to four business days after all samples are received.

    What do the Results Include?

    The results will show the probability of paternity. A 0 means that he’s certainly not the father, and anything over 99% indicated the father without a doubt.

    How Does Alabama Comp Protect Your Privacy?

    There’s a guarantee on the website that no personal information will be shared, or even stored.

    Matching With Relatives

    You can only use these services to check for a relationship between two delivered samples.

    Alabama Comp’s Prices and Details

    The prices for tests here are rather high, especially if you want to use the evidence during legal proceedings. There’s also an additional charge if you’ve gathered the DNA sample through some nefarious means, rather than the traditional cheek swab.

    It’s mentioned that you can apply from out of state, but that this will cost you a bit more money. However, the details of this aren’t made clear anywhere on the website.


    Alabama Comp could be useful for those looking to prove parentage in a court of law. However, the costs are quite steep, and it’s very unclear how far outside of Birmingham, Alabama you're able to order from.

    A similar, but much more reasonably priced organization is Home DNA. This provider offers paternity tests starting from just $69.00, regardless of where in the country you live.