CRI Genetics DNA Testing Kit Review

CRI Genetics is a DNA testing company that was created in 2016. Based in Santa Monica, California, its ambition is to help people access new information about their genetic code. As well as tracking your ancestry, these tests can assess your health, diagnose allergies, and even help to create a personalized weight loss plan. CRI Genetics also engage in scientific research, so they can help solve medical problems for future generations.

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    CRI Genetics Features 

    • Ancestry - $99
    • Weight Loss - $99
    • Ancestry + Health - $199
    • Allergy + Health - $199
    • Weight Loss + Allergy - $199

    Pros and Cons


    • Traces your genetic history back 50 generations, to find out where your ancestors are from
    • Tests can be done easily and quickly from your home


    • Compares your DNA with less genetic markers than some similar companies
    • DNA tests can be accessed for a lower price on other sites

    Collecting your DNA Sample

    There’s a three-step process in order to complete the DNA sample collection. First, order the DNA sample collection kit, which should arrive within 3-5 days once purchased. The kit will come with instructions on how to collect your DNA sample. Once this is completed, it should be mailed back in the prepaid package provided. Finally, an email will arrive within 6-8 weeks to confirm that the results of your tests are ready. All that's left to do is log into your account and discover the findings.

    Each kit includes

    Each kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect and provide your DNA sample. A swab will be included in the kit and you’ll rub this on the inside of your cheek. Once the swab is complete, it should be immediately sealed in the bag provided.

    How quickly will I receive my results?

    The test results generally take between 6-8 weeks. This eight-week period begins once the lab has received your DNA sample. If there’s not enough DNA in your sample to complete the process, you’ll be contacted and requested to complete and return another swab. CRI Genetics guarantees that results will take no longer than eight weeks. A full refund will be provided if this happens.

    What do the results include?

    This will depend on the package you’ve chosen. For example, an allergy test will determine whether you’re allergic to eggs, dogs, peanuts, grass, among other things. An ancestry test may show if you’re related to a famous person of the past, from which continents and countries you have relatives, along with the percentage that come from each region. A health test will reveal information on your metabolism, sleep quality, vitamin deficiencies, and fat storage levels.

    How does CRI Genetics protect your privacy?

    Samples aren’t labeled with your name or any other information about you. After the test is completed, you can request that all the information stored about you is deleted. No information is passed on to 3rd parties without explicit consent. 


    CRI Genetics offers fascinating information on your life and history. However, 23andMe provides an even better service. This well-reviewed company provides access to an extensive database, revealing a potentially greater deal of information at a very reasonable price. Plus, results are returned even faster; in just 3-5 weeks.