DanceSafe Review

DanceSafe is a public health organization promoting ‘health and safety within the nightlife and electronic music community.’ After its foundation in San Francisco in 1998, it’s grown into a national project spanning much of the U.S.A.

DanceSafe Review
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    What does it provide?

    It provides test kits to assess the presence or safety of drugs commonly used in the nightlife scene. But, it does more than that. 

    Dancesafe’s many staff and volunteers work tirelessly to inform and engage with people about drug use and personal safety. This honorable work comes in many forms, such as providing free safe sex tools to avoid unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs, offering earplugs to prevent hearing loss, and working with club promoters to advocate for ‘safety first’ approaches when trouble arises.

    It’s this kind of work that makes Dancesafe popular. Not only does it produce health tests, but its vision goes beyond money, and is focused on genuine care for the nightlife and electronic music community. The volunteers of each chapter are trained health educators and drug abuse counselors. Many party-goers are already familiar with Dancesafe, as it saves so many from vulnerable situations on a night out.

    Dance Safe Features

    • Complete set of all 8 testing kits - $105.00
    • Standard set of 5 testing kits - $80.00
    • Fentanyl test strips (Box of 500
    • Fentanyl test strips (Box of 100) - $149.00
    • Fentanyl test strips (Pack of 10) - $19.99
    • Fentanyl test strips (Single Strip) - $2.09
    • MDMA testing kit - $49.99
    • Cocaine testing kit - $34.99
    • LSD testing kit - $20.00
    • Marquis reagent testing kit - $20.00
    • Simon’s reagent testing kit - $20.00
    • Froehde reagent testing kit - $20.00
    • Liebermann reagent testing kit - $20.00
    • Mecke reagent testing kit  - $20.00
    • Mandolin reagent testing kit - $20.00
    • Folin reagent testing kit - $20.00
    • Drug educational posters - $20.00 each
    • DanceSafe earpiece earplugs - $24.99
    • Large pack of drug info cards - $140.00
    • Drug info card (100) - $10.00 each

    How to use the fentanyl test trip

    Fentanyl is between 50 and 100 times stronger than heroin. It’s an incredibly dangerous drug, which is why it’s so importantly tested at DanceSafe.

    The drug is tested differently: it depends on whether you want to test all in your possession, or just the amount in your current ‘baggie’. 

    To test the whole amount, simply place the drug into a ceramic cup, add 5mls of water for each 10mg of crystal or powder. Place the blue strip provided in the cup and wait for two minutes. The color on the strip will reveal the presence of any dangerous synthetic substances.

    To test the baggie you’ll do the same, except inside the baggie itself. This is much less accurate and should only be done if absolutely necessary.

    Why should I test my MDMA?

    Thousands of people have died ingesting what they believed to be MDMA. This test reveals any harmful additives like bath salts or methamphetamine, which are unfortunately common and enormously damaging.

    DanceSafe mails these tests carefully and discreetly, so privacy will be no problem.


    Dancesafe is a group worthy of great respect for its ambition to protect those in the nightlife scene, but the tests are limited and many come with a low level of accuracy guarantee. If you have health questions that DNA tests could answer, use Vitagene, and get a full report on your health now!