Epi Genomics DNA Testing Kit Review

Epi Genomics offers three distinct blood tests for various types of cancer. These tests radically improve cancer detection by testing through liquid biopsy. Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the world, and if detected early, is highly curable. However, many people won’t undergo these screenings, and nearly 60% of colorectal cancer diagnoses being made in the disease’s late stages, where survival prognosis is low.

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    You can elect to take one or more of these tests yourself, or you can do so at the advice of your doctor.

    However, if you choose to take a test without going through your GP, you’ll still need to visit a medical facility in order to have your blood drawn professionally.

    Epi Genomics Packages Start From

    Below are the available tests, but the prices aren’t revealed on the website.


    Price (Per Test)

    Epi Pro Colon

    Not Stated

    HCC Blood Test

    Not Stated

    Epi Pro Lung

    Not Stated

    Epi Bi S Kit

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    Epi Genomics Pros and Cons


    • The results of these tests are potentially lifesaving
    • The quality of these checks is highly spoken of


    • Information on prices isn’t available

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    All the tests offered by this provider will require a blood sample. While you may choose to order and undertake this test yourself, it’s never advised that you take your own blood.

    Instead, you’ll be provided with a request form; you can take this to your local medical facility and have them draw your blood for you. If you’re taking this test at the advice of your doctor, they’ll take your blood sample themselves.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    The website makes no mention of how long any test might take to be returned to you. Usually, these kinds of tests can take anywhere from one to six weeks, and your GP will be able to give you a better idea of when to expect results.

    What do the Results Include?

    The results for each test will differ, but generally contain just a binary positive or negative. Your doctor will be able to discuss these results and their implications with you.

    How Does Epi Genomics Protect Your Privacy?

    It’s stated that your data will be temporarily stored, but only to be used for statistical analysis purposes, and won’t be shared with any other organizations.

    Matching With Relatives

    You can’t use these tests to examine your potential relationships.

    Epi Genomics’ Prices and Details

    Epi Pro Colon

    A liquid biopsy test for the detection of colorectal cancer, which is curable in about 90% of cases if detected early.

    HCC Blood Test

    A blood test for cirrhotic patients at high risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

    Epi Pro Lung

    A liquid biopsy test for lung cancer detection, which carries a far lower false positivity rate than the more widely used radiological screening methods.

    Epi Bi S Kit

    A complete kit for the preparation and examination of purified DNA.


    Epi Genomics doesn’t have much variety in what it’s offering, but if you’d like to put your mind at ease, or have been advised to do so by your doctor, you could take a test here to determine whether or not you have certain cancers.

    For any other health-related DNA tests, you might want to try somewhere with more scope, such as Living DNA. This allows you to check your genetics in relation to health, lifestyle, and ancestry.