Everlywell Review

Everlywell has been testing DNA since 2015, in Texas, U.S.A. It’s developed into a hugely successful outfit, providing a vast number of tests that can be completed from the comfort and privacy of home. Over 500,000 people have taken tests with Everlywell, and in just a few clicks, you too could begin to uncover the secrets of your genetic code.

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    Many know Everlywell from its featuring on ABC’s “Shark Tank”. This popular brand has flourished since that time and now has tests available on general wellness, energy, weight, sexual health, men’s health, women’s health, and more. Surely, there’s something for everyone?

    Everlywell Features

    General Wellness Tests

    • Food Sensitivity - $159.00
    • Food Sensitivity Comprehensive - $259.00
    • FIT Colon Cancer Screening - $49.00
    • Sleep and Stress - $199.00
    • B Vitamins - $89.00
    • Folic Acid - $49.00
    • Lyme Disease - $109.00
    • Indoor and Outdoor Allergy - $199.00
    • COVID-19 - $109.00
    • Cholesterol and Lipids - $49.00
    • Heart Health - $99.00
    • HbA1c - $49.00
    • Heavy Metals - $199.00

    Men’s Health Tests

    • Health - $199.00
    • Testosterone Test - $59.00

    Women’s Health Tests

    • Fertility - $149.00
    • Postmenopause - $99.00
    • Health - $399.00
    • HPV - $89.00
    • Ovarian Reserve - $49.00
    • Perimenopause - $99.00

    Energy and Weight Tests -

    • Thyroid - $159.00
    • Vitamin D and Inflammation - $99.00
    • Metabolism - $49.00
    • Vitamin D - $49.00

    Sexual Health Tests -

    • HIV - $49.00
    • Hepatitis C - $49.00
    • Syphilis - $49.00
    • Trichomoniasis - $49.00
    • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea - $49.00
    • STD (Female) - $199.00
    • STD (Male) - $199.00

    More on the COVID-19 Testing

    It’s no surprise that demand for COVID-19 tests is so high, as people around the globe worry about the health of themselves and their loved ones. If you’re looking to find out whether you’ve contracted the virus, Everlywell can help.

    Once the testing sample is returned to the lab, results will be available within an impressive 1-2 business days.

    How can I be sure that my data’s protected?

    It’s completely natural to have concerns about data protection. After all, it doesn’t get any more personal than our DNA. All data will be anonymized and de-identified. Customer information is only shared with labs involved in the test process, and your data will never be sold or shared anywhere else.

    Can I purchase test kits from anywhere in the U.S.A?

    Unfortunately, only 47 states can access tests from Everlywell. If you’re from New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island, you’ll have to find a test elsewhere.

    I’m worried about taking my test incorrectly.

    Many people think they might complete the test incorrectly, wasting their time and money, but there’s really no need to worry. Everlywell’s website provides how-to videos for every type of sample collection it provides. They’re clear and informative, so you can be assured of a successful test.

    Everlywell Pros And Cons


    • Wide range of tests on offer
    • COVID-19 Tests provide quick results
    • Guidance videos online


    • Not all states can access tests
    • Not all types of test available


    Everlywell has a well-earned reputation in the field of DNA testing. Its tests can bring peace of mind, and the knowledge required to change your life for the better.

    The website is also one of the most user-friendly out there.

    The major stumbling block with Everlywell is the lack of testing options for pets. DNA testing for animals is becoming more popular all the time.

    DNA My Dog combines the latest technology, with some of the best prices. Unlock your dog’s genetic code today.