Genesis Laboratory Management DNA Testing Kit Review

Genesis Laboratory Management is a genomic testing service that opens its doors to physician practices and ambulatory surgery centers in every state. It utilizes leading-edge technology to offer a wide range of testing services, with an end goal of enabling medical professionals to provide excellent patient care.

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    It comes well-recommended, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and ensures that the highest standards are continuously met.

    Genesis Laboratory Management Packages Start From

    There’s a vast range of different services available with this provider, many of which relate to pathology and the analysis of dead bodies, such as toxicology, cytology, and FISH reports. This review will focus just on the DNA tests, which are numerous.

    These tests are used to diagnose a wide variety of ailments, and can only be accessed at the behest of your doctor. Some of the available tests include:

    • Immunoassays for Diarrhea
    • Traditional Stool Tests
    • Other DNA Based Stool Tests
    • Disaccharidase Testing
    • Barrett’s Esophagus FISH
    • GI Anatomic Histology and Cytology
    • Genesis Lab Diarrhea Pathogen Panel
    • Genesis Lab Syndromic Diarrhea Pathogen Panel
    • Genesis Lab Respiratory (RP) Panel
    • Genesis Lab Strep A Molecular Testing
    • Genesis Lab Urinary Tract Microbiota Molecular Testing
    • Genesis Lab Women’s Health Molecular Testing
    • Genesis Lab Nail Fungal Panel

    As you’ll need to go through a healthcare professional to access these tests, there’s no information about costs on the website. Often your insurance will cover these kinds of expenses, but you should enquire with your doctor to be sure.

    GLM Pros and Cons


    • You’ll be assisted throughout the process by a medical professional
    • This is a long-standing and well-recognized organization


    • These tests are just for specific diagnoses

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    As this entire process must be done through your doctor, you won’t have to take your DNA sample yourself. Instead, your GP will do this for you, either by taking a cheek swab or a blood sample.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    This will depend on the test, and can take anywhere from five days up to three weeks.

    What do the Results Include?

    Again this depends on the test, but whatever your results they'll be delivered directly to your doctor, who can translate them into layman's terms for you.

    How Does Genesis Laboratory Management Protect Your Privacy?

    Any information passed through your doctor by law is confidential, and while statistics may be gathered, your personal information won't be recorded anywhere.

    Matching With Relatives

    There’s no option for checking the relationship between two DNA samples here.

    Genesis Laboratory Management’ Prices and Details

    For a comprehensive list of all available tests, please visit the official website. However, this might not be too useful for you, as there’s no information on fees, and what’s more, you can’t simply elect to take a test, but instead must be recommended it by your doctor.


    Genesis Laboratory Management offers some high-quality services, including its impressive range of medical DNA tests. If your doctor suggests that you use this service you should enquire about costs, and then follow this advice.

    If, however, you just wanted to have a look at your DNA for fun, and don’t feel that you have any medical conditions to diagnose, you might want to try somewhere like Home DNA. This organization allows you to explore your ancestry, ethnicity, and any personality traits you might have, without the need to visit a doctor.