Genex Diagnostics DNA Testing Kit Review

Genex Diagnostics has been around for a decent length of time, long enough to become recognized as a big player in the world of online DNA testing. It offers its services to over 100 countries including the U.S.A, and processes around 60,000 samples per year. So far it has a completely flawless record.

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    These services are often used not just by individuals, looking for more information about themselves, but also by hospitals, lawyers, and government organizations.

    Genex Diagnostics Packages Start From

    There are 32 different tests available, which is too numerous to list in detail here. If you’d like to see the full list, you can easily access them using the official website. These tests come from five categories, as follows: Relationship Tests, Health and Disease, Diet and Fitness, Ancestry, and Behaviour and Traits. Below is an example of one test from each category.



    DNA Paternity Test (Relationship Test)


    DNA Alzheimer’s Disease Test (Health and Disease)


    DNA Nutrition Test (Diet and Fitness)


    Combo DNA Ancestry Test (Ancestry)


    DNA Warrior Gene Test (Behaviour and Traits)



    • There‚Äôs a variety of tests for plenty of situations
    • Easily send in your sample with a convenient home test kit


    • The prices are a little steep

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    Once you’ve ordered your test, you'll swiftly receive a DNA testing kit. This is straightforward to use, you simply need to take a painless mouth swab, seal it up and mail it to the lab in the provided return envelope.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    Once the lab has received your sample, you’ll almost always receive your results within one to three business days. 

    What do the Results Include?

    This will, of course, depend on which test you choose to take, but your results will always be uploaded onto the secure website. You can then access them by logging into your online account.

    How Does Genex Diagnostics Protect Your Privacy?

    Your results are 100% confidential, and no one will be able to access them, not even employees of Genex Diagnostics. There are also a number of guarantees in relation to the encryption and security of the website itself, which should prevent any malicious hackers from stealing your data.

    Matching With Relatives

    You can mail in two DNA samples and test them for a match, but your DNA won't be automatically cross-referenced with the database to seek prospective matches, as is sometimes the case.

    Genex Diagnostics’s Prices and Details

    The tests mentioned above are just a small sample of the available options, but give a good overview of what the likely cost of a test will be. The five main categories cover a very wide area of different testing options, and if you’re intending to assess your DNA to learn more about yourself, you’ll likely find the test that you're looking for with this provider.


    Genex Diagnostics is a decent supplier of DNA tests, and most curious individuals will be able to find what they're looking for. The only real downside to using this organization's services is that they’re quite expensive.

    A similar provider with a competitive range of options for testing, but with markedly lower prices is Living DNA. This organization covers the same five key categories as here, but its prices start from just $49.