With over 3000 facilities across the world, the globally recognized GenTrace aims to test and compare genetic relationships with a high level of accuracy. With tests that are ‘100 times more discriminatory than the industry standard’, you can be confident of receiving accurate results.

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    There’s no limit to the number of people you can pay to test for a genetic connection, so if this is what you’re looking, for then you might have found the right place.

    CRI Genetics Features:

    • Paternity Testing - 
    • Maternity Testing
    • Grandparentage Testing
    • Sibling Testing
    • Aunt/Uncle Testing
    • Cousin Testing
    • Twin Testing

    Each of the services available can be taken as a legal or private test. Legal testing is much more expensive.

    For example, a private paternity test for one child and one alleged father will cost $99, but the fee for a legal test rises to $230. 

    GenTrace Pros and Cons


    • Convenient, with a customer care team to guide you throughout the whole process
    • Utilizes the latest technology to give ‘high quality’ test results
    • The laboratory will analyze 16 markers on each test, which is several more than the industry standard
    • Includes an option to take either a legal or a private test


    • The fee jumps significantly when testing the genetic relationship of multiple people
    • Tests for legal purposes are much more expensive than private tests

    Collecting your DNA Sample

    It couldn’t be easier to have your DNA sample taken and sent to the lab. All you need to do is rub the swab provided on the inside of your mouth for a few seconds. It doesn’t hurt and is completely safe for all age groups.

    Each kit includes

    Aside from the brush, the website isn’t exactly what the contents of the kit will be. In most cases, a kit will contain a prepaid package to return your test to the lab but this isn’t confirmed here.

    How quickly will I receive my results?

    GenTrace provides the test results relatively quickly. According to its website, the average time to receive results is between 1-3 days. The testing will start shortly after your samples are returned. Additionally, you have the option to follow the progress of your test online. This means that you can check the active status of your test at any time you like, all the way until your final results are sent to you.

    What do the results include?

    As well as confirming whether there’s a genetic match between the people you decide to get tested, you have the option of a ‘private’ or a ‘legal’ test. The results of the test will be the same but the way they’re produced will be different. You only really need to take a legal test if the results will be required for use in court.

    How does GenTrace protect your privacy?

    The laboratory will only give access to the test results to people you’ve permitted to view this information. This means you can rest easy in the knowledge that your results will stay completely private.


    GenTrace is a longstanding company with a range of DNA services to meet all requirements. If you’re looking to determine whether or not two or more people share a genetic relationship, then you might have found the right company.


    While it offers a quick turn around, GenTrace doesn’t compare to HomeDNA in experience or size. To put your trust in a group that has handled over 10 million cases in 168 countries over the past two decades, choose HomeDNA for a detailed and comprehensive report on your ancestry or lineage.