Nebula Genomics DNA Testing Kit Review

Nebula Genomics aims to put itself aside from other, similar companies by offering just one test, which decodes 100% of your DNA. Most commercial DNA tests will decode only 0.02% of your DNA, so this is quite an improvement.

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    Decoding the entirety of your DNA produces 10,000 times more data than your average test, and allows you to begin a lifetime of discovery by having full access to your genomic data.

    Weekly updates based on the latest scientific discoveries, advanced ancestry analysis, and powerful genome exploration tools can be used regularly once this test has been taken.

    Nebula Genomics Packages Start From

    This provider offers just one test, which will sequence your entire genome. This test costs $299, which may seem a little steep, but is a lot less than the $3 billion it cost to sequence the first-ever human genome.

    There are options for discounts if more than one person is being tested, but there’s also a somewhat hidden cost of $200 in order to access the lifetime reporting and analysis.

    Nebula Genomics Pros and Cons


    • You can access regular reporting and updates for life
    • There are many varied uses for this data


    • There are some hidden costs and no cheap options

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    Collecting your DNA sample is extremely straightforward, even for someone who has absolutely no idea what to expect, as most of the work is done for you.

    You'll be sent a ‘collection kit’ that contains a cheek swab and a return envelope. Simply rub the swab on the inside of your cheek, seal it up, and send it back to the lab.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    This is quite varied and depends on a few factors, but you’ll definitely hear back within the month.

    What do the Results Include?

    You can constantly check in on your results, as there are new reports each week, and you have access to genome exploration tools, deep ancestry analysis, and support by geneticists. The results contain a huge wealth of information relating to your genetic blueprint.

    How Does Nebula Genomics Protect Your Privacy?

    It’s stated that ‘Privacy First DNA Testing’ allows you to take full control over who can access your data, and why.

    Matching With Relatives

    You can check against a large database of other people’s DNA to see if there are any unexpected familial matches.

    Nebula Genomics’s Prices and Details

    The fact that there’s just one test and one price with this organization makes things quite simple. However, $500 might be too steep for someone just looking to have a brief overview of their genetics and to gain a little greater understanding of their makeup.

    This test should instead be seen as an investment, something that you can keep checking up on month to month, and slowly learn more over time.


    Nebula Genomics is an excellent resource for fully mapping your genome, and understanding what this data can tell you about yourself. If you take a test here it's certainly worth investing in lifetime access, so that you can continue to learn from your DNA.

    The only real downside here is that this is a very comprehensive test, that’s fairly expensive. Some people might prefer to spend a lot less, in exchange for learning a little less about themselves.

    If this describes you, why not try Home DNA? This test allows you to casually check family matches, but at a much lower cost.