Progenity DNA Testing Kit Review

Progenity has been running for some time, offering a variety of molecular testing designed to improve lives by providing actionable information, which should help to guide patients and physicians into making medical decisions during key stages of life.

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    The DNA testing it offers isn’t aimed at discovering more about your ancestry, lineage, or relatives, as some organizations offer, but instead, they focus on assessing your propensity to develop certain diseases.

    Progenity Packages Start From



    Preparent Carrier Test

    Averages $100 to $250 when deductibles are met

    Innatal Prenatal Screen

    Averages $100 to $250 when deductibles are met

    Riscover Hereditary Cancer

    Averages $100 to $250 when deductibles are met

    Resura Prenatal Test for Monogenic Disease

    Averages $100 to $250 when deductibles are met


    • The process will be mostly done for you
    • These tests could potentially save lives


    • The tests can only be used for medical reasons

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    The services available here can only be accessed by a medical professional on your behalf. They might take either a whole blood sample, a buccal swab, or even a mouthwash sample in order to deliver your DNA.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    This is dependent on the test, with the fastest results coming back in just seven days. Other test results might take up to 15 days to arrive. Your doctor will be able to advise you on when to return to receive your results.

    What do the Results Include?

    This will be reliant on which test you take, but you won't receive the results directly anyway. Instead, your doctor will be able to translate them for you into simple to understand language.

    How Does Progenity Protect Your Privacy?

    As these tests are done through medical professionals, there's an absolute guarantee of privacy. 

    Matching With Relatives

    These tests are intended for medical reasons, and won't be able to assist you in locating family members or analyzing the relationship between two DNA samples.

    Progenity’s Prices and Details

    Preparent Carrier Test

    This test is used to assess any genetic diseases that a parent could potentially be carrying or has the propensity to carry, which may be passed onto their children.

    Innatal Prenatal Screen

    This screening is used as a way to look for any chromosomal disorders that your unborn child might be carrying, and it uses noninvasive cell-free DNA technology to carry out this test

    Hereditary Cancer

    Here is a test that will be used by medical professionals as a way to check for your risk factor and the likelihood to develop hereditary cancer.

    Resura Prenatal Test for Monogenic Disease

    You can use this assessment to find out how likely you are to develop any monogenic diseases. It involves a non-invasive cell-free DNA technology test.


    Progenity runs some excellent tests that come highly recommended. If you’re interested in any of these checks, you might want to sit down with your doctor and discuss the availability and reasoning behind taking one. However, these tests are for quite specific medical reasons, and if you’re simply looking to learn a little something about yourself, or your family, you’ll need to try somewhere else.

    For example, Full Genomes is a major DNA tester that gives you insights into your health, but also into your ancestry and family tree. You can carry out these tests on your own behalf, from home.