Promega DNA Testing Kit Review

Promega has been supporting scientists as a global biotechnology leader for over 40 years. It claims to be fueled by curiosity and powered by exploration, and offers a variety of testing and tools to be used by scientific laboratories. There are tests to discover new drugs for fighting disease, clinical and molecular diagnostics, forensics and paternity tests, and applied testing to ensure the safety of environmental food, water, and plants.

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    There’s an absolutely massive list of possible tests and services that you can use with Promega, more than 1,770 in total! Of these 1,770, nearly 1,000 are related to DNA testing. You can test a person's DNA for a number of different reasons, but this service is intended to be used by scientific labs, and so you won't be able to apply as an individual who just wants to learn a little more about themselves.


    • There’s a huge number of options
    • This provider has built up a solid reputation over 40 years


    • You’ll only be able to access these services if you’re a professional scientist

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    As there’s a number of different testing styles, the DNA sample you’ll need to send could either be in the form of blood, tissue, or a saliva swab. Each test on the website has specific details of how you should prepare your DNA sample.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    The results could come back in as soon as 40 minutes in some cases! Again though, this will be dependent on the test, with some results taking up to 24 days to be returned. You can also send bulk samples, and this can often extend your waiting time.

    What do the Results Include?

    Each test is different, but your results will be sent via email, with the results charted in a user-friendly manner.

    How Does Promega Protect Your Privacy?

    There’s a guarantee on the website that your personal data won't be shared with any third party organizations. However, the results of your test, and the statistics of which tests you undertake and when will be recorded.

    Matching With Relatives

    These tests are not intended to be used for these kinds of purposes, and so there’s no option to check a database for matching DNA.

    Promega’s Prices and Details

    This organization's website is simple to use, and catalogs a vast array of tests. You can casually use the search function to find your desired test, and the prices are clearly laid out for ease of borrowing. You can add items to your virtual cart as you peruse. There are far too many tests to list, but here’s an example price:



    2800M Control DNA for Human STR Analysis (25μl)


    2800M Control DNA for Human STR Analysis (500μl)



    Promega has a decent range of options for outsourcing scientific tests from your lab and should be considered by certain professionals. However, if you’re an individual who’s hoping to learn something about themselves through their DNA, you’ll be out of luck here. 

    If this sounds like you, why not try 23andMe instead? This reasonably priced provider offers a variety of uses for your DNA test, including finding lost family members and better understanding your origins.