SEK Genetic Horizons DNA Testing Kit Review

SEK Genetic Horizons is a molecular genomics tester that offers people the newest technologies that are available to help them better manage their cow, sheep, and goat herds, avoid disease conditions and make their herd more efficient and profitable. It claims to offer over 97% accurate results with extremely fast turnaround times. These tests can be used to check for pregnancy, diseases, and genetic defects, and are generally taken in bulk.

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Table of Contents

    SEK Genetic Horizons Packages Start From

    Below are the available tests and their prices.


    Price (Per Test)

    Bio Pryn Blood Pregnancy Test

    Bovine - $2.60

    Bison - $5.00

    Sheep and Goat - $3.50

    BVD/PI Testing


    Neospora Infection Testing


    Johne’s Disease Testing


    Bovine Leukosis Virus Testing

    $6.50 (9 or fewer samples)

    $4.50 (10 or more samples)

    CAE and OPP Testing


    Milk Casein


    Arthrogryposis Multiplex (Curly Calf Syndrome)


    Neuropathic Hydrocephalus (Water Head)


    Contractural Arachnodactyly (Fawn Calf Syndrome)


    Colour Coat (Homozygous)


    Developmental Duplication


    Digital Subluxation (Tree climber)


    Hypotrichosis  (Hairlessness)


    Maple Syrup Urine Disease


    Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation (Blue eyes)


    Osteopetrosis (Marble bone)


    Pulmonary Hypoplasia with Anasarca


    Tibial Hemimelia



    Pros and Cons


    • There‚Äôs a decent range of specific tests
    • The prices are reasonable, and you can sometimes save money by buying in bulk


    • These tests require some expertise when taking samples

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    Taking a DNA sample for these tests can be quite tricky, and should only be done by someone familiar with the process. You’ll need to either provide a tail bleed or an ear notch sample. The easiest way to tail bleed livestock is using a vacutainer, but you can also use a needle and syringe. You can take ear notch samples using an approved ear notching tool. When taking samples from many animals, be sure to label them accordingly!

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    You should allow between two and a half to three weeks to receive your results. Occasionally a sample may have to be retested, which can take another 10 days.

    What do the Results Include?

    You can access your results online, and they should be simple to understand and straightforward.

    How Does SEK Genetic Horizons Protect Your Privacy?

    Unfortunately, there's no information at all on the website about privacy. You would hope that all your personal information is kept secure, but there’s no guarantee of this.

    Matching With Relatives

    There’s no way to test for parentage or relationship between samples.

    SEK Genetic Horizons’ Prices and Details

    One advantage of this provider is that it makes all its costs abundantly clear upfront. Testing for specific genetic disorders can be a little expensive, but generic disease and pregnancy testing are quite affordable. 


    SEK Genetic Horizons will be a beneficial service to owners of livestock herds, who want to do bulk tests for certain diseases or disorders. In this area, it excels but offers no other services. 

    If you were hoping to use a DNA sample to learn more about an animal's traits, behaviors, or inclinations, rather than just diagnosing disease, you’ll need to go to a different provider. For example, Wisdom Panel offers DNA testing for pets that explores breeds, types, varieties, genetic conditions, and traits.