Sunrise Medical Laboratories DNA Testing Kit Review

Sunrise Medical Laboratories has a large range of clinical laboratory testing for use by medical professionals, all designed to offer the most accurate and diagnostically meaningful results.

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    It offers consistently high-quality medical laboratory services to professionals and their patents, using only the most advanced technologies, and claims to place the needs of each individual patient first.

    Sunrise Medical Laboratories Packages Start From

    The tests here are far too numerous to list, with over 700 available. There’s a user-friendly and easy-to-handle online search function for finding the exact test that you're looking for. The names of these tests, and their uses, are very technical. If you aren't a medical professional, then most likely you won't really be sure what you're looking at.

    This is due to these services only being open to those working in the medical field. Therefore, it's unlikely you’ll be searching for a test yourself, as your physician will probably have recommended one.

    Sunrise Medical Laboratories Pros and Cons


    • The number of tests available is very large
    • This provider comes highly recommended


    • Only medical professionals are able to use these services

    Collecting Your DNA Sample

    This will be carried out by your doctor, so it isn’t something you need to worry about. They will either take a blood sample or cheek swab and then send this off for testing on your behalf.

    How Fast do the Results Come Back?

    Different tests come back at varying rates, but it seems that the average length of time it takes to receive your results is around two weeks.

    What do the Results Include?

    This will depend on which test you take, but your doctor will always be able to translate these results into layman's terms for you.

    How Does Sunrise Medical Laboratories Protect Your Privacy?

    This is a secure system that can only be used by healthcare professionals, and as such carries the highest securities. You can be almost certain that your information won't be passed on or used without your permission.

    Matching With Relatives

    You won't be able to use this kind of testing to search for family matches. Your DNA will only be used to check for the medical considerations related to that specific test, and won’t be stored on any kind of database, so there’s no way to search for matches.

    Sunrise Medical Laboratories’ Prices and Details

    Unfortunately, there isn't any information on pricing detailed on the website that can be shared with you here. Usually, your insurance will cover these costs if your doctor has recommended it, but there may be a small price to pay when deductibles are met.

    Any time you take these tests you’ll need to go through a medical professional, so you should always be able to quiz them on your expected costs.


    Sunrise Medical Laboratories offers an impressive range of decent medical testing. If you feel like you might benefit from one of these tests, you're welcome to sit down with your GP and discuss it.

    If they agree, it's a straightforward and quick process to take your DNA sample and send it off for testing.

    The results could even be life-saving. However, if you just wanted to explore your DNA on your own terms, there are other, more accessible options out there.

    One such organization is Futura Genetics. Anyone can use these services, and they’re designed to identify if you’re at risk of contracting one of 28 diseases.