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Tom Johnson

DNA industry to provide expert

I combine my experience working in the genealogy field with knowledge of the at-home DNA industry to provide expert advice to anyone that’s considering testing. Learn about industry developments, the types of testing that are available, and the brands that offer the most accuracy alongside security. 

With such a saturated market, knowing which at-home DNA testing company to hand your most precious data over to isn’t an easy task. And whether or not you can trust the accuracy of the test you pay for is something of equal importance, especially when you’re counting on the results to dispute paternity, for example. 

BestDNATestingKits.com was set up with the aim to support anyone that’s considering taking a test of their own. We routinely update our site with leading professional advice, in-depth reviews of major and lesser-known brands, as well as blogging in relation to any industry developments and changes to legislation that might occur. 

Our reviewers test the kits we analyze themselves in order to give first-hand experiences rather than generic information that’s gleaned from other sources. All information you find on our website is certified through extensive research and is totally unbiased; we put our own opinions and findings first, rather than curry favor with potential affiliates. 

To get the most out of your genealogy, dietary, pet, or paternity testing, have a read of what our reviewers have to say to get peace of mind in your decision.