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    DNA Dating Is Actually A Thing

    Have you ever heard of DNA dating? Yes, it’s actually a thing! It’s a concept based on the idea that it’s possible to match single people together based on chemistry, compatibility, and physical attraction.

    Specific DNA markers are significant in playing a role in human attraction and even scent preference.

    Due to these markers, DNA companies have now begun to predict compatibility between people. 

    DNA dating is taking the science of genetics and applying it to the world of romance.

    If you’re interested in learning more about this type of dating or are simply interested in the concept, keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

    The Genes For Love

    As it turns out, the term chemical attraction has some real science behind it. When we meet someone new, specifically a potential romantic partner, the “chemistry” between is first sensed via smell. 

    People with different markers in the major histocompatibility complex, also known as MHC genes, are more likely to find the other person’s scent attractive and appealing. Having different MHC genes also means you’re more likely to have a longer-lasting romantic relationship. 

    What Are DNA Dating Websites?

    Through an examination of various DNA markers, your chemistry with another person can be predicted.

    This science has paved the way for dating companies to begin offering a service based on DNA test results to best match you with a potential partner. 

    The advantages of dating according to your DNA are numerous. First of all, you rely on science to give you a leg up in best identifying a potential match.

    Other dating websites may simply pool people together and sort by likes, hobbies, religion, and other factors.

    However, DNA dating goes down to your genes to find who you’re scientifically compatible with. 

    How It Works?

    Despite the complicated science behind it, dating according to your DNA is a relatively simple process.

    If you have already taken a DNA test, then you’re likely one step closer to finding your genetic match. 

    DNA dating can be broken down into the following steps: 

    1. DNA testing: First, you’ll need to get your DNA tested by a doctor or order a home DNA test kit. If you have already taken an autosomal DNA test, you can likely use the results of that test for your DNA dating purposes
    2. Scientific Matchmaking: Second, the matching process occurs. A combination of your DNA test results coupled with your answers from a Meyers-Briggs personality test helps DNA dating companies examine your results and build your unique profile
    3. Meet Your Match: Lastly, it’s time to meet your potential match. Once your results are in, you’ll be matched with candidates based on scientific research who have an elevated likelihood of matching with you based on your chemistry and personality 

    The process of DNA dating is relatively straightforward, especially if you have already taken a DNA test. If you’re sick of dating websites and endless first dates that are sorely lacking in chemistry, trying out dating based on scientific research may be a good idea.

    DNA Testing Kits

    If you have not yet taken a DNA test, don’t despair. Thanks to modern technology, there are many tests available on the market. Most merely require a cheek swab or saliva sample.

    The following companies offer test insights that may be particularly interesting to those in the dating pool:

    • Vitagene: Includes traits and personality reports, a health analysis, and 600 traits covered by nine separate reports
    • 23andMe: Includes likely traits like hair color, facial features, taste, and even smell preferences, as well as an ancestry timeline, connections with living relatives, and more
    • Full Genomes: Includes the most advanced genome test available with analysis of genetic makeup and significant coverage of the Y (male) chromosome

    If you aren’t sure which test to choose, consider writing out a list of goals first.

    If your reason for getting a DNA test is to find a potential romantic partner, you’ll need to check which tests each DNA dating company accepts.

    If you’re interested in health information or simply filling in your family tree, look for tests with those specific services offered.

    Best DNA Testing Kits

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    In the crazy world of online dating, a new player has entered the game. With DNA dating, you’re no longer forced to simply swipe right or get matched according to your favorite hobby.

    It takes dating to a much deeper level compared to other dating services in the market. 

    By taking into account your very genetic makeup to find a match, it takes a lot of the guesswork out of dating.

    Finding potential partners based on genetic and personality compatibility gives you a leg up on finding a serious, meaningful, long-lasting romantic relationship.